Are you looking for an honest Pressable hosting review? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Each blogger or website owner worries about the uptime of their sites. That’s why everyone wants to go with trusted and popular hosting providers.

What if your hosting provider is the owner of WordPress and Woocommerce itself?

Yes, Pressable’s owner and WordPress cofounder are both the same. Pressable is not that much popular in the market but it’s been a genuine and trustable hosting service provider for a long time.

If you are interested in choosing Pressable as a hosting provider for you then here is a detailed article regarding Pressable that provides you best features, pricing and plans, highlights, pros and cons, and finally the verdict about Pressable.

What is Pressable Hosting?

Pressable is a managed WordPress and Woocommerce hosting service provider. Pressable was founded in the year 2010. It was first launched with the name ZippyKid with the aim to empower bloggers, freelancers, developers, and website owners.

Pressable Hosting Review

If you are a technical expert then you will get this point. Pressable provides NVMe servers. For non-technical persons, other hosting service providers use SSD as a storage device but NVMe servers are much faster than SSD Storage servers.

Pressable started its journey with huge success but after some years it got acquired by a company called Automattic. After that, they optimized and rebuilt the architecture of Pressable for better performance.

Almost all WordPress-related top projects like, WooCommerce, and Jetpack are also created or owned by Automattic.

It’s a benefit for us to choose Pressable as a hosting service provider, that we always get all support systems and features regarding every WordPress update and problem. Technical problems can be solved easily and effectively through the consumer support team.

Pressable Hosting Review (In Brief)

Pressable Hosting Review

Well, if you don’t have enough time to read the entire article you can follow this brief Pressable hosting review.

Review ofPressable
Hosting ServicesManaged WordPress and WooCommerce
Pricing starts at$19 per month
Money-Back GuaranteeAvailable (30 Days)
Free Domain NameNo
Free MigrationAvailable
Do I Recommend Pressable?Yes (One of the best managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price)

Features of Pressable Hosting

Pressable is one of the world’s most powerful hosting platforms and this fact is claimed by them because they have the capability to provide something different which is not available with other competitors in the market.

Pressable believes in 3S: Speed, Security, and Support. Here are some more detailed key features about Pressable.

Easy to use interface

Unlike other complicated hosting providers’ dashboards, Pressable has a simplistic and clean website dashboard. It’s much easier to use as Beginners also can handle it properly.

All features like modifying the settings, creating new sites with WordPress installation, cloning existing sites, and migrating sites are easier and can be done in simple clicks only.

100% uptime guarantee

Everyone wants his site to be active every time but it’s not possible technically. Usually, some hosting data centers get down due to some technical issues sometimes.

So no one claims a 100% Uptime Guarantee. But Pressable has the guts to claim it. 

I have tracked the uptime of the Pressable hosting using the UptimeRobot tool and here is the result.

Pressable Hosting Review

They claim it with Guarantee because they have belief in themselves. Users will get 5% of monthly charges for every 30 minutes of downtime rather than the maintenance schedule. Users can also get 100% cashback if they face long downtime.

Automatic Failover

Most of the hosting service providers want you to purchase DNS failover Service with paying extra charges. Pressable has a free included feature of Automatic Failover with all plans.

Website servers will be changed automatically if your chosen server gets down. Your site and hosting get monitored every time through the Pressables monitoring team.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network means CDN is the main factor affecting your site’s loading speed and SEO factors. If your hosting provides CDN then it will shift to servers nearer to visitors.

Shifting to the nearest server will increase website loading speed as well as it will keep the users’ data at that server. That’s why cache will not affect your website speed in further visits.

NVMe Server Infrastructure

Technical stuff says that NVMe is faster than SSD. Pressable has an advantage over other hosting service providers as they provide the fastest Storage at the server end.

NVMe means non-volatile memory express. Not just speed but also NVMe storage at the server have benefits of improved response time, enhanced queuing, and improved security also.

Free SSL certificate

Google also suggests those sites only have an SSL certificate. SSL usually gives confidence and trust to our visitors that their personal information is secure at our site’s end.

Pressable provides a free SSL certificate with all its plans. Many hosting providers charge extra for SSL certificates.

24/7 Support

Pressable says that their aim is to keep your site always up. They are ready to do everything and anything for this.

Highly knowledgeable and expert customer care support team can guide you 24/7.

They can handle any queries related to hosting plans as well as technical queries of WordPress and its internals also.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Like other hosting providers, Pressable also provides a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

It’s not an extraordinary feature from Pressable but whatever you are going to read is extraordinary. If you are getting a huge amount of traffic suddenly and your plan is not that capable to handle it then you have the option to upgrade your plan.

You can do it through the Control Panel or by just contacting their customer care support team.

Free WP101 Training Access

Let’s get info about WP101 first. WP101 is the WordPress training source offered by WordPress itself. WP101 provides all basic to advance training for development in WordPress. That’s why this Pressable hosting is best for all freelancers and bulk website developers also.

Customized Managed Hosting

Those who want big hosting plans with the capability of handling huge traffic are usually not available with normal hosting plans then Pressable has an option of Customizable and Scalable hosting Plans.

Users can customize the plan according to their own requirements and can get that plan with features that they require.

Daily Backups

If you want to purchase the JetPack daily backup plan then it will cost you $24.95 on a monthly basis.

But Pressable and JetPack both are products of the same company so they provided the JetPack Security Daily service with all plans except the Entry-level Plan.

This service can provide schedule backup and daily backup with monitoring all changes happening on your site. Your site’s overall security gets enhanced with the best performance through JetPack Security Daily Plugin. 

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Managed WordPress Updates

With all other hosting plans we have to install and check flaws of New WordPress updates.

But with Pressable, they update WordPress-related resources automatically whenever they get published. Usually, these updates get installed after finding that they are 100% secure.

WordPress Hack Security & Recovery

The Pressable hosting plans come with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). It helps us in protecting our sites against common attacks. Hackers are targeting WordPress sites nowadays and having security against them is really important.

Also, their team scans your site’s Malware and threats. Pressable’s team protects your site so you can focus on your development and customization without worrying about it.

If your site gets hacked from these two stages then also Pressable has an assistant team to recover your site.

Pressable Data Centers

Pressable has data centers located in the following locations. Every location has two servers primary and secondary.

  • AMS: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • DCA: Ashburn, VA
  • BUR: Los Angeles, CA
  • DFW: Dallas, Texas

You have to choose the data center location at the time of the website’s WordPress installation. It’s not possible to change data centers after creation.

Technical Stuff of Pressable:

PHP: Runs on PHP 7.2
HTTP/2.0: Enabled in All Pressable Plans
SSL: Available and Can be used from outside providers
Database Access: accessed using phpMyAdmin

Plans and Pricing of Pressable Hosting

Pressable provides a number of variations in managed WordPress Hosting Plans. Almost managed WooCommerce hosting plans and managed WordPress hosting plans cost the same.

Entry Plan – Entry plan supports single WordPress installation. Capable of handling 5k visits on a monthly basis.

Overall users will get 5GB of Storage space with WP Cloud Platform. Customer support 24/7 is provided with an entry-level plan also. 


Monthly Basis: $19.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $15.83 per month (Billing Annually)

Personal Plan – Personal plan supports single WordPress installation. It can handle 30K traffic on a monthly basis with 20GB storage on WP Cloud Platform.

Jetpack Daily Security with Free site migration is provided in this plan. In previous as well as in this plan users can get professional emails by paying extra charges.


Monthly Basis: $25.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $20.83 per month (Billing Annually)

Starter Plan – The Starter plan supports 3 WordPress installations. The starter plan has all features the same as that of the Personal Plan.

The starter plan can handle 50k monthly visits. 24/7 Support with 30 Days Money-back Guarantee provided in all Pressable Plans.


Monthly Basis: $45.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $37.50 per month (Billing Annually)

Pro Plan – Pro plan supports 10 WordPress installations, meaning you can host 10 sites or subdomains on Pro Plan Pressable hosting.

It can handle 150k Traffic on a monthly basis. Users will get 30 GB of storage in the Pro Plan. All previous plan features are included in further plans. 


Monthly Basis: $90.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $75.00 per month (Billing Annually)

Premium Plan – Premium plan supports 20 WordPress Installations. It can handle 400k visits on a monthly basis. 50GB storage is provided with a premium plan.


Monthly Basis: $155.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $129.17 per month (Billing Annually)

Business Plan – The business plan supports 50 WordPress installations in the hosting plan.

1000k visitors can be handled on a monthly basis with 100GB storage space. Jetpack security on a daily basis is provided with this plan. Usually, well-established websites can choose this plan.


Monthly Basis: $350.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $291.67 per month (Billing Annually)

Business 80 Plan – From this plan, bigger plans of WordPress starts. Users can install 80 WordPress with this Business 80 plan.

It is capable of handling 1600k visitors per month. 160GB NVMe storage server is provided with this plan.


Monthly Basis: $545.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $454.17 per month (Billing Annually)

Business 100 Plan – Users can install 100 WordPress with this Business 100 plan.

It is capable of handling 20 Lakh visitors per month. A 200GB NVMe storage server is provided with this plan.


Monthly Basis: $675.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $562.50 per month (Billing Annually)

Business 120 Plan – Business 120 plan supports 120 WordPress installations. It is capable of handling 24 lakh visits on a monthly basis. The business plan provides 200 GB storage with all previous plan features.


Monthly Basis: $805.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $670.83 per month (Billing Annually)

Business 150 Plan – Business 150 plan supports 150 WordPress installations. It is capable of handling 30 lakh visits on a monthly basis. The business plan provides 250 GB storage with all previous plan features.


Monthly Basis: $1000.00 per month (Billing Monthly)
Yearly Basis: $833.33 per month (Billing Annually)

Custom Plan – The Custom plan is the best plan provided by Pressable. Here user can customize their requirements and he or she has to pay only for those things whatever they use.

They haven’t provided the pricing on site but you can chat with them regarding custom plans or can schedule a consultation call also.

(This Custom plan is only available for 150+ WordPress installation requirements)

On the official Pressable site, users can get the option to filter the plan according to WordPress Installs and Number of Visits. I already mentioned the capability of that plans to handle monthly traffic.

Pros of Pressable Hosting

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of using Pressable hosting.

1) Contact with experts

Pressable’s support team is also well trained in WordPress Development. A highly trained and professional team of Pressable can help you with any technical problems.

Your problem may be related to WordPress, Pressable hosting, WooCommerce, or Jetpack, they are still there with the knowledge to help users.

2) Best Performance

Pressable Uses NVMe Storage at the server end And that’s why it’s we can get better performance with Pressable hosting plans. They have pre-built CDN so helpful in routing the traffic to other servers helping in the advancement of performance. 

Lack of performance can be handled through Automatic Failover by changing servers if some server fails to work.

3) Money Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is very important, because you may not like the features and speed of the hosting after you purchase.

The good thing about Pressable is they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the hosting plans. No questions will be asked for claiming the refund.

Another plus point, Pressable always offers flexibility in upgrading your plan. That is, you can upgrade or modify your plan anytime you want.

4) Value For Money

There are cheaper hosting options available in the market but still, I can say that Pressable is a value-for-money hosting service provider.

You are getting 24×7 customer support with expertise, unlimited bandwidth, 100% uptime guarantee, 30 days money-back guarantee, easy to upgrade features, premium features of Jetpack at free of cost, and much more. So isn’t it value for money?

Cons of Pressable Hosting

From the above benefits, you must have realized that Pressable is a competitive hosting provider in the market. But every good service also has bad sides. So let’s discuss some downsides of Pressable hosting.

1) Premium WordPress Themes not available in Free

It’s not a downside of any hosting service provider but if competitors are providing it then why Pressable not!

Other competitors of Pressable provide some special Premium Themes free with their hosting plans. So our Expectations also increase regarding Pressable. 

As Hosting providers don’t have to provide Themes so we can’t say that this is the con of Pressable.

Alternatives of Pressable Hosting

If you are not satisfied with the features of Pressable then you can go for any of these hosting providers mentioned below.

1) Cloudways

Cloudways is the most popular managed cloud hosting provider in 2022. They have 5 cloud providers: Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, AWS, Vultr, and Linode.

The pricing of the Cloudways plans starts as low as $10 per month.

Before paying any single dollar, you can use their free trial. If you get satisfied with the free trial then upgrade to a premium plan. Cloudways offers built-in CDN, PHP-ready servers, managed security, automated backups, and much more.

2) WPX Hosting

If you are looking for high-speed managed WordPress hosting then you can definitely go for WPX. WPX hosting is recommended by many pro bloggers including Mathew Woodward and Kevin Ohashi.

WPX managed WordPress hosting plans start at $20.83 per month (Business Plan). In the Business plan, you can host up to 5 WordPress websites.

They offer many free resources like free site speed optimization, free unlimited site transfer, free CDN, free malware detection and removal, etc.

FAQs on Pressable Hosting Review

Now let us have a look at all the frequently asked questions related to Pressable review.

What is Pressable hosting?

Pressable is a fast, reliable, and one of the best managed WordPress hosting powered by WordPress. They also offer managed WooCommerce hosting for small businesses and eCommerce store owners.

Does Pressable offer free migrations?

Yes, free migration is available in all the premium plans of Pressable hosting. Their expert team will migrate your site to Pressable servers absolutely free of cost.

Who owns Pressable?

Pressable is acquired by a company name Automattic. Automattic is the company behind, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, and many more popular brands.

Which Pressable hosting plan is best?

Well, you should choose a hosting plan according to your needs. If you need a hosting plan for personal use then I will recommend you to go for the Starter plan. In this plan, you can host 3 WordPress websites.

Does Pressable backup my site?

Yes, Pressable takes a backup of your website files every 24 hours and they take a backup of the database hourly. You will also get free access to the Jetpack Security Daily plugin (worth $239/year).


I hope this Pressable hosting review gives you all the information about their service.

So the final thought comes! Should you purchase Pressable hosting?

Pressable is a product of parent WordPress’s parent company. That’s why we can have genuine trust in it. Their plans start from $25 per month and it’s really affordable for everyone as a beginner also. Someone may think that it’s a huge price but whenever the point comes to features then it’s really worth the money. 

We can definitely say yes to the question of purchasing Pressable hosting plans. The final decision is yours!

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