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This blog basically deals with detailed guides on artificial intelligence, AI tool reviews, the latest SaaS products, and other online stuff.

Let me give a quick introduction of myself…

I am Atanu Das, a part-time blogger from India, and have more than 3 years of experience in the Blogging field. I am a Software Engineer by profession and a Blogger by passion.

I love diving into the world of artificial intelligence and exploring trending tools powered by AI. My experience and learnings are published here in the form of blog posts.

How Bloggingfix started?

I started this blog in the month of September 2020.

Since I had a good experience in the field of Blogging, initially I used to share my learning and tips of Blogging here. Also, started writing about different WordPress plugins and tools.

But, in 2022 after the breakout of AI in the digital world I started exploring several AI tools daily.

Then I realized that there is no such dedicated resource for the AI tools guide. So, I slowly sifted the niche of this blog towards AI and started sharing my knowledge here.

For more details, drop a mail – [email protected]

Thank You 🙂