Anyword Coupon Code (June 2023) → Flat 40% Discount Deal

Are you looking for an Anyword coupon code to get a discount on your purchase? Then you have landed in the right place.

Because in this article, I am going to share with you an exclusive discount code for you. You can use this code to save huge on your Anyword premium subscription.

You can save your money as well as get the best deal after applying the coupon code provided here.

So, let’s dig into it and explore all the offers of Anyword…

Anyword Coupon Code & Deal In 2023

Anyword is an expansive AI tool, so getting a discount code is really helpful for the users.

Anyword doesn’t provide offers from time to time but they have one offer discount of 20% on all plans through our special link.

Users can purchase any plan from Anyword except the Enterprise plan and can claim the 20% discount if they apply “ANYWORD20” as a coupon code at checkout.

Anyword offers users to apply coupon codes only in monthly billing purchases.

Additionally, you can get a 20% discount for choosing an annual billing system. So, in total, you are getting a 40% discount on Anyword plans.

How to apply the Anyword coupon code and claim discount

Make sure to follow each and every step to successfully activate the Anyword discount code.

Step 1 – Click on this exclusive link to visit the official page of Anyword.

Step 2 – Sign in for the free trial of Anyword. In case you have an account, simply log in to your dashboard.

anyword coupon code
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Step 3 – After you log in to your dashboard, click on the “Upgrade” option in the top right corner.

anyword coupon code
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Step 4 – Choose a plan according to your needs and click on Buy Now. Before that, you can choose billing cycles on a monthly or annual basis.

Note – Anyword accepts applying coupon codes only in the monthly billing system. If you are going for annual billing then you can’t apply any coupon code.

Step 5 – Provide personal details and billing details. Now apply the Anyword coupon code ANYWORD20 to get an instant 20% OFF on your monthly plan.

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Step 6 – Click on the “Buy Now” button after entering all the payment details.

Hurrah! You have successfully claimed a 20% discount on your purchase of the Anyword monthly plan.

What is Anyword?

Anyword is one of the famous and emerging tools in AI writing software that helps all the growing businesses for creating content for advertisements, blogs, landing and funnel pages, emails, and content for promotions.

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Some of us might have used Anyword before also but they don’t remember it because Anyword was formerly known by the name Keywee.

Anyword is based on natural language processing and the content generated by Anyword is audience friendly and readable easily.

The NLP model working behind Anyword is totally user-friendly and generates human-like content without spamming like robots. It works on predictive models and that’s why its content has relations with the previous as well as the next line of content.

Their algorithm with the best interface is simple. Users have to face some questions at first and according to users’ answers, it will generate an interface according to your requirements. This user-required content and interface make this tool much easier to use.

How Does Anyword Work?

Generating the best readable, attractive, engaging, and competitive content in simple steps is the work strategy of Anyword.

Most article writers and marketers in companies are facing the problem of stress due to their content generation problems but Anyword-like AI-based writing tools nailed it.

Everything from choosing topics to structured content can be generated through the Anyword tool. This makes freelance tasks stress-free. 

Anyword works on Machine learning technology. Inside machine learning, mostly uses artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), a Dialogue Engine to combine articles with attractive quotes, and Deep Learning to create any content based on its similarities available on the internet.

Anyword Free Trial

Like most of the other AI writing assistant tools, Anyword also offers a free trial to all newly registered users.

They offer 7 Days free trial and you will get 5,000 credits. Whichever reaches fast, your trial plan will be ended.

The best part of this free trial is that they don’t ask you for any credit card or any verification for trying their plans.

You can simply create a free account of Anyword using your Google account or email address.

Claim discount of Anyword without applying any coupon code

You can get up to 4 months of free access to the Anyword premium plan by following the tips mentioned below.

Anyword offers an official discount of up to 4 months of free access on different plans if you go for the annual billing cycle.

Here are the discount details for annual billing:

Basic Plan – Get 2 months free for annual billing
Data-Driven Plan – Get 2 months free for annual billing of the Data-driven plan
Data-Driven Unlimited Plan – Get 4 months free for annual billing

So, if you want to save huge on your Anyword premium subscription I will recommend you to go for the yearly billing system.

Anyword Plans and Pricing

Anyword promotes their plans with the tagline of “The only Copywriting tool that tells you what works before you hit publish” and they followed it through their works and plans.

Let’s have a look at the plans and pricing of the Anyword tool.

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1) Anyword Free Plan

Anyword provides a Free plan of 7 days from registration and users have access to some tools like Social posts, Ad Copy, Product Listing, Landing Pages, and Emails. In the free plan, the user didn’t get the option to generate blog posts. 

2) Anyword Basic Plan

The basic plan of Anyword starts at just $16 per month. In that pricing, you will get a 15,000 credit limit per month.

The pricing gradually increases if you increase the credit limit. You can choose any of this pricing structures according to your needs.

  • 15,000 credits per month – $16/mo
  • 30,000 credits per month – $25/mo
  • 50,000 credits per month – $33/mo
  • 100,000 credits per month – $66/mo
  • 200,000 credits per month – $125/mo

All the basic features and 1 user seat is available in this plan. The instant score and analytics feature is not available in the basic plan of Anyword.

3) Data-Driven Plan

The Data-Driven plan includes 30,000 Credits on a monthly basis. This is the start of beta features in plans and users get 25 plus languages support.

Blog posts can be written through this plan and can be rewritten and optimized for any content with AI. Users will get analytics of scores of their articles before publishing.

The plan is best for single-user freelancers because they allow single seats only. The data-driven basic plan will cost $79/ Month if the user is billed on a yearly basis.

4) Data-Driven Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is the best value-for-money plan for all big businesses that want unlimited credits and options for the generation of content.

All basic features with extra features are provided in this plan like a dedicated manager and continuous optimization. 5 seat access is allowed in this plan.

Anyword Data-Driven Unlimited plan will cost around $239 per month if billed annually.

5) Anyword Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is especially for those who want to reuse the tools from Anyword and it will start with $999/ month charges.

Users can book a demo through their website using their API, Custom Models, and Custom Number of Seats. Charges will be allocated on the basis of your requirements.

Pros and Cons of Anyword

Well, there are some pros and cons of using this AI writing assistant tool. Let’s have a look at them.


Simplistic Interface without any complications so can be accessed by new users
Can generate content according to user requirements and doesn’t take a large number of inputs
A large number of keywords are present in the preset keyword library from Anyword
7 Days Free trial without any credit card details requirements
Dedicated managers for Unlimited plan users and can customize tool user seats through enterprise plan
In the Enterprise plan, users can integrate the API. The customer API from Anyword can be integrated with landing pages and it helps to optimize the content present there


Anyword is comparatively more expansive than other AI writing assistant tools
Advance features are included only in the enterprise plan


I hope this article helped you to grab some discount on your Anyword premium subscription.

No matter if you are going for monthly billing or annual billing, you will get a discount. Because in the monthly billing system, you can apply the coupon code to get a 20% discount and in the annual billing system you can get up to 4 months free deal.

Anyword is an emerging software in the AI-Based Writing Tools industry and they grabbed a large market with their services. All content creators are interested in purchasing Anyword but its pricing matters a lot. If you will get a 40% discount on it then you might think of purchasing this tool.

Make sure you grab the deal as soon as possible because this Anyword coupon code may get expired at any time.

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