If you looking for the Livestorm discount and free trial in 2023, then you have landed in the right place.

Through this article, I will be sharing with you an exclusive free trial of Livestorm that you can grab without any credit card details. In this free trial, users will get up to 30 active contacts per month.

After using the free trial if you like the tool then you upgrade to a premium plan.

Well, I will also share with you some tips to get up to a 25% discount on your Livestorm premium subscription. Let’s dig into it…

What is Livestorm?

livestorm discount

Livestorm is a webinar platform that helps businesses and organizations to carry out highly-engaging webinars smoothly.

Gilles Bertaux is the CEO and co-founder of Livestorm. Currently, 100+ employees are working with Livestorm to make this tool better.

More than 5000 popular organizations (including Intercom, Dolby, Freshly, Klaviyo, etc) trust Livestorm to host their online events. Livestorm can be used to conduct webinars for the following purpose:

Customer training with automated features
Host & record online courses
Record podcast interviews
Host live Q&A and live events
Employee onboarding and hiring sessions

Livestorm Pricing and Plans

Along with the Livestorm free trial, there are three premium plans. The cheapest premium plan of Livestorm starts at $88 per month.

1) Livestorm Free Trial

Is there any free plan to try out Livestorm? Everyone has this doubtful question while trying any new software and tool. Well, Livestorm offers a free plan providing almost all the basic features to try out.

Features of Livestorm free trail:

  • All Features Included
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited Moderators
  • Instant meeting with maximum 4 people
  • Up to 20 minutes per event
  • Up to 10 registrants per event

2) Livestorm Pro Plan

In this plan, Livestrom provides the premium experience with some limitations removed here. Users have the option to customize this plan according to their needs.

Features of the Pro plan:

  • All basic features included
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited moderators
  • Up to 16 simultaneous live speakers
  • Up to 4 hours per event
  • Unlimited event registrants

The pro plan comes with add-ons where 100 live attendees are included in the plan itself. Users can add some more users up to 500 and 1000 live attendees.

Customization is also there with the number of hosts. In the plan itself, they provide only a single host. If we want to add some extra users then it will cost extra money.

Pricing of the Livestorm Pro plan:

The Pro plan will cost $110/ month if you choose monthly billing. On yearly billing, you will get up to a 25% Livestorm discount.

livestorm discount
Active Contacts LimitPricing (Annual Billing)Discount For Annual Billing
100$88 per month20% OFF
200$168 per month24% OFF
500$410 per month25% OFF
+500Contact Livestorm team

3) Livestorm Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is totally based on your own customization. All the Pro plan features with some extra benefits are included in this plan.

Features of the Enterprise plan:

  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Up to 3000 live attendees
  • Premium onboarding with product experts
  • Multiple workspaces with unified billing
  • Dedicated CSM
  • SLA & Priority Support
  • Executive Business Reviews
  • Enterprise Integrations and Advanced Connectors
  • Custom implementation and reports

Enterprise plan pricing: Users can contact the sales department of Livestorm for the detailed features and pricing.

Exclusive Features of Livestorm

Now let’s have a look at all the important features of Livestorm that you will get for choosing this tool.

1) Live & Automated Webinars

Starting a live webinar on Livestorm is simple in steps. You just have to add a description about the webinar and its starting time, that’s it!

Recurring sessions of webinars on specific days are possible through Livestorm helpful for all colleges and institutions. No need to schedule the webinars again and again.

Automated webinars can be hosted on Livestorm but there is an issue with adding automatic audience interaction features. You can’t add any automatic audience interaction features in automated webinars.

Automated webinars work on some points like scheduling an event, You can also schedule the end of the event and an important feature is to redirect the audience to some specific URL at some specific time.

Automated webinars and Events can be started on Livestorm with normal meeting features in the same apps.

Steps to start Automated Webinar on Livestorm:

Start Event: Set event starting time.
Play a video: Add a video in this option that will start playing after 1 minute of the start time.
End Event: You can add an end time so that your event will be ended after that period.
Redirect to a Page: The user will be redirected to this URL after the event ends. You have to provide the URL of that page here.

2) Webinar Lead Generating Registration Page

Users can create the webinar registration pages according to their customizations. Users can edit the background and text colours according to their colour codes. Button colours can be changed also. Users can add the logo of their services and cover image also.

The lead generation page will have a cover image in the background and a logo on top of the webinar name. Under that webinar name, there is a webinar timing countdown followed by an email input tab. Users will get the register now option after entering their email id. 

On the next page of the webinar registration, webinar registrants will get some fields of details. The custom registration fields can be added according to your requirements.

The best feature of this registration form customization is that only work email address registrations make webinars more people-centric.

3) Livestorm Email Tools

Livestorm webinar organisers have a feature to schedule the email notifications for webinars before the 1 hour and 5 minutes option. There are no custom options available here so it’s a little bit disappointing.

Emails generated for webinars notifications and confirmations have your logo and colour setup as provided in the registration form. Webinar attendees can get everything for webinars like a confirmation message, webinar links and the option to add a webinar to the calendar in the same email.

Organisers will get all details like whoever attended the seminar and who was not there. So follow-up emails for those who didn’t attend the webinar can be shared through email tools.

4) Audience Interaction

Interacting with the audience is a little bit problematic with some applications for webinars as some messages can harm you if seen by other attendees also. So Organizer can set the chat public or private through Livestorm Audience interaction tools.

Making the attendees list visible or invisible to all other attendees is available. Polls and call-action options can also be added to the webinar when you set up the webinar. The problem with the call to action feature is that when someone from attendees closes this tab then he will not get it back again.

Livestorm can provide features like sharing the call to action again and again if they didn’t take any action to make some more lead generation.

PDF can be made available to all users immediately after the webinar and they can provide reviews and comments on all those materials.

5) Livestorm Q&A

Its notorious feature from Livestorm provides more features to users. The Q&A option from Livestorm is providing the option for all users to ask questions and upvote each other’s questions. You can make chat private but questions will always remain public.

6) Webinar Video Engine

Through webinars, you can share the slideshows and videos from your local devices and youtube video engines.

There is an option to upload the slides after the webinar but there is no option to upload the slideshow on Livestorm and share it. Hosts have to share the screen to present a slideshow.

Webinar makes the webcam input mirrored and that may be problematic to host. But the webcam input shown in the webinar is almost grainless and has very good quality output.

7) Mobile-Friendly Webinars

Users can easily join webinars through mobiles with 15 seconds delay. The polls will rise at the correct time as the host posted on the webinar but the call to action options will take some delay in displaying on the mobiles.

The webinar screen shared and webcams don’t lag on mobiles and it’s good enough responsive there also.

8) Webinar Replay & Email Questions

Users can play the recording of the webinars after the webinar is finished. If someone missed the first part of the webinar then after the end of the webinar, the recording starts playing on the same webinar link so users can watch it continuously.

On the replay of the recording also users can ask questions at some points and the host will be notified of every question via email.

Pros and Cons of Livestorm

Here I have listed all the pros and cons of Livestorm. Let’s have a look at these…


You can host the automated webinars through Livestorm
All web pages available on the Livestorm website are simple and easily understandable.
Users can also add their questions to the registration page to make meetings and webinars more personal
The registration form has a feature about enabling the “Only Company Mails” Option and it makes this software more corporate-centric. Only your company members and employees can join the meetings and register for them
You can add Product details with images and video on the registration page if you are conducting the webinar regarding some digital marketing
Attendees of the meeting can ask questions in the webinars and meetings and they can also react by upvoting others’ questions and opinions
In meetings, we can launch or insert the videos from local storage or YouTube video
A recording option is available. Automatic sharing of the webinar recordings with the attendees
Livestorm analytics provides the analysis of the conversion as well as attendance tracking in a statistical manner


Automated webinars are totally automatic and do not have any editing options like scheduling polls and offers automatically. We have to add them manually.
The registration page layout is totally fixed and we can’t change it. We can just make some changes in the fields.
Reminder options are fewer and usually share the email reminder before 1 hour and 5 minutes only. There are no options to add more specific reminder times or change them.
No option to add polls and offers in running meetings. We have to pre-configure them in the webinar rooms themselves.
A call to action can be used when it’s available. Once it gets closed by the user then there is no option to bring it back.


Livestorm is no doubt one of the best tools for conducting webinars for businesses and organizations. This tool offers exclusive features and advantages.

In the initial days, you can try the Livestorm free trial. Unlike other similar tools, Livestorm does not require any credit card information to activate the free trial.

Once you get satisfied with the free trial then you upgrade to a premium plan. While upgrading makes sure to claim up to a 25% Livestorm discount by billing annually.

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