Jasper AI Coupon Code (January 2023) → Limited Time Deal

Are you looking for the Jasper coupon code 2023? Then you have landed in the right place.

Because in this article I will be sharing with you two exclusive Jasper AI deals. In one offer you will get 2 months of free access to Jasper premium plans.

In the other deal, you can grab 10,000 words of free credits from Jasper. These free credits can be used to write blog posts, copywriting, website copies, product descriptions, sales copy, and related works.

In this article, I have also shared a step-by-step detailed guide to activating the Jasper discount code and saving huge on your purchase.

Jasper AI Coupon Code & Discounts In 2023

Well, you do not need to apply any Jasper AI coupon to grab the discount. Just click on this exclusive link and activate 5 days free trial of Jasper, where you will get 10,000 words of free credits of Jasper.

Another interesting offer of Jasper is you will get 2 months of free access to its premium plan by following the steps mentioned in this article.

You will also get free SEO course worth $499 by purchasing any Jasper premium plans. Also, get free access to Jasper website copywriting course worth $199.

Step by step guide to apply Jasper AI coupon code (Get 10,000 Free Credits)

To get the maximum discount on Jasper AI premium plans, make sure you follow all the steps provided below.

Step 1: Click on this special link to visit the official page of Jasper AI. After that click on the “Get Started” button.

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Step 2: You will be redirected to a page to create your account. Either you can use your Google account or you can signup with your email address.

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Step 3: Now choose a plan according to your needs (Boss Mode recommended). And select the yearly billing cycle to get 2 months free. Now click on the “Start free trial” button.

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Step 4: Enter the payment details to start your free trial. 

That’s it, you have successfully activated the Jasper AI coupon code discount.

What is Jasper?

Jasper was previously known as Jarvis. It is one of the best AI writing assistant tools available in the market.

Jasper AI tool is trusted by 50,000+ content marketers. Some of the popular companies that use Jasper are Airbnb, Google, Autodesk, IBM, Logitech, HarperCollins, and many more.

If you are a blogger, content writer, or copywriter then you can use this AI tool to boost your productivity. Because this tool can help you to write blog posts, digital ad copies, sales pages, product descriptions, SEO content, headlines, business emails, etc.

Jasper offers 50+ content generation templates, and it supports more than 25 popular languages.

Features of Jasper AI

Why Jasper is called the best and most popular AI writing assistant tool? Here are some reasons.

1) Content Generation

According to plans purchased on Jasper AI, users will get a limited number of words according to your topic. Content generation is simplest than any other content generation tool. Easier interface with great generation skills is the best key feature of Jasper AI. 

Providing some simpler information like titles, headings or a few keywords can generate appropriate content according to your requirements. It totally works upon Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

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In registration itself, Jasper Provides the option to choose whatever content you want to create. You can choose Blog Posts, Social Posts, Emails, Website Content, and Ads for creation. So it’s easier to generate content according to users’ requirements and plans are also generated according to your requirements.

2) Original Content

100% plagiarism-free content is not Original Content. Yes, and Google also works on the same thing.

Jasper AI has a different destination of original content and that is giving something unique with old content and engageable content. 

Jasper AI gives the guarantee of 100% original content but still like other AI-based content generation tools, Jasper AI may also generate some plagiarised content. The chances of duplication are very less.

3) Document Editor

Not only just content generation but Jasper AI can also work as a text editor for formatting your content. The best part is that, while writing or creating content there are many customization features available in Jasper AI.

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Document editor features like moving text around, sentence formatting, making text changes like bold, align, headings, and inserting some data like images can be done in Jasper AI.

The best feature of Jasper AI is that it can suggest the best anchor tag for your links.

4) Tone of Voice Setting

Writing content with the same voice tone is literally the most important thing of the digital world journey and especially for bloggers. People love our tone and content voice with special creations. 

Your artistic and helpful content can reach viewers again and again if and only if you keep your strategy unique. Jasper AI provides you with different kinds of voice tones for writing articles.

You can choose any tone according to your previous posts or niche and this will be helpful in your blogging journey.

Your blogging journey and career are favorable with any tone that you choose from the number of voice tones provided by Jasper AI.

5) Sentence Rewriter

How to engage blog readers? The biggest question arrives in front of every blogger and Jasper AI has a solution for it.

While creating content and writing it through your blogs, you can generate content by rephrasing it also. 

Fixing Grammatical mistakes is one of the features through which you can check your grammar with solutions also. Grammatical mistakes are not just with English, they can be related to whatever you want to say in which way also.

I loved its features of “explain it to a 5th grader”. If I am writing content for children or beginners then it should be much easier and the language used to explain must be simplistic. Jasper AI provides you all this sentence as well as paragraph rephrasing feature.

6) GPT-3 Technology

Machine learning has modules named Generative Pre-Trained transformers that are used to generate meaning and attractive content. GPT-3 is the best model till today, not thinking about any project.

7) Plagiarism Checker

Like other plagiarism checker tools, Jasper AI also provides Plagiarism tools in a similar way. You can use this feature with percentage matches and similar content options in the interface.

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The plagiarism checker is performing well enough but it costs extra than the Jasper AI plan so make sure that you check the plagiarism checker while purchasing simple plans from Jasper AI.

8) Grammarly Integration

Don’t need to check your generated content to any other tool for grammar and other plagiarism features provided by Grammarly. Jasper AI has Grammarly Integration and you can use all its features with toolbar overlays.

The best thing about this deal is that you don’t have to pay extra for it. As I mentioned above about the Plagiarism tool, it’s also provided by Grammarly but just this product is not included in the add-on.

9) Jasper Templates

Having templates to generate something is really helpful to generate the best content within a short time as per our expectations.

Our first point itself says that Jasper AI has a simplistic interface with options for what we want to generate. Whatever options of templates are available for Jasper AI is making your task simpler if you choose appropriate templates.

10) Jasper Recipes

What’s the Recipe? It’s a process to make something in the kitchen?

Absolutely right but here Jasper Recipes means the format where we have to put something to generate extra. You may think that it comes in templates but templates and recipes are different.

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For writing some topics from Jasper AI, they provided a recipe to grab more traffic from the content that they are providing.

11) Content LookBack

Articles can be more interactive when there is interlinking between previous as well as next sentences and paragraphs.

Jasper AI always tries to connect the next content with previous content and that’s why Jasper AI is best to make content more interactive with simplistic relationships.

To avoid repetitiveness in your article, the Content Look back feature of Jasper AI is working every time.

12) SEO Keywords

Keyword stuffing is different and keyword analysis and usage are different. In Jasper AI we generate articles based on keywords but it doesn’t go for keyword stuffing.

Have you ever observed that using keywords with some different topics can be much more helpful than keyword stuffing? 

Jasper AI has SEO keywords features where users have to provide 3 keywords at least. According to the keywords and templates that you chose, it will generate some articles with related topics to those keywords.

13) Voice Commands

If you are using Jasper ai On your smartphone then you can try this feature of giving commands to Jasper AI for doing some task. This bot feature makes your task easier and this platform is better than any other content generation platform.

Plans and Pricing of Jasper AI

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Jasper AI comes with 2 different plans with some limitations on every choice of plan. Price point difference in them makes them more varying but also have almost distinguished features.

Free Trial Plan

Jasper AI provided a 5 day free trial for all new users.  You can try it for the whole 5 days free of cost but still have some limitations of 10,000 words generation only.

Whatever credits and pricing mentioned here are the monthly basis details so make sure that you are aware of every fact.

Jasper Starter Plan

Those who want to generate short content with quality then they can go with The Starter Plan.

Usually, this plan is for beginners and not for bloggers. Creating headlines, small reviews regarding products, and running some ads like Facebook ads can be done through this plan.

Those who want to try it out then they can go with the Starter Plan but we didn’t recommend it for large content writers.

  • Users can generate 20,000 words through this plan (limitation)
  • For extra words, you have to pay extra for it. Users can get 5,000 words for just $10 only.
  • The plan starts from $29 per month.
  • Lookback up to 6000 characters can improve your content quality.
  • Users have access to ads, headlines, and descriptions of 50 plus templates.
  • No limit is implemented on the number of users to interact with a single business.
  • Users can create unlimited projects through this plan.

Boss Mode Plan

The Plan name itself suggests that it’s the boss of Jasper AI. No plan of any Content Generator tool is better than this one. For bigger content creators and article writers it’s really difficult to find some bigger article creator tools.

This plan is most helpful to all those who wrote on a daily basis about working somewhere but wanted to be.

  •  Boss mode also has some limitations but it’s not that much heavier and limited than Starter Plan
  • The Boss Mode plan starts at &59 on a monthly basis.
  • Users can generate 50,000 words with our department but still if you have some more requirements the 30,000 words can be claimed by this plan.
  • The command panel is provided with The Boss Plan. So customization has extra chances if you purchase it. 
  • Grammar my Integration is included in this plan with the extra credit plagiarism checker tool.
  • All 25+ Languages are supported at their end. Also, Chat support is available on priority.

Grab Discount on Jasper Premium Plans:

If you want to save something extra then you can get discounts on all plans when you are billed annually.

The starter plan will start from $24 per month rather than $29 per month while the Boss Plan starts at $49 per month while usually, it turns $59 per month.

FAQs on Jasper Coupon Code

Here I will answer all the frequently asked questions related to the Jasper AI coupon code.

Does Jasper offer any free trial?

Yes, you will get 5 days free trial of Jasper. This free trial is for all newly registered users. In the free trial, users will get 10,000 words of free credits from Jasper.

Which Jasper AI plan is best?

Both the Jasper plans are good for their respective uses. If you want to generate long-form content like blog posts then you should definitely go for the Boss Mode plan. If you need this tool for short copywriting works then grab the Starter plan.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

The pricing of the Jasper Saver plan starts from $24/mo for yearly billing. Boss Mode plan pricing starts at $49/mo for yearly billing.

Does Jasper provide any refund policy?

Yes, they offer a 5-day money-back guarantee. You will get a 100% refund if you cancel your purchase within the time period.


I hope this article helped you to know everything about Jasper AI discounts and coupon codes in 2023.

Currently, Jasper AI does not provide any coupon code. I will update this article as soon as they provide any official coupons or discounts.

As of now, you can grab the 2 months of deals of Jasper AI. Also, you can activate the 10,000 words free credits of Jasper.

But if you are planning to grab any Jasper AI premium plans, I will recommend you to purchase the Boss Mode plan. The Boss mode plan is helpful to all those who are working with large content creation. Every plan and pricing is value for money so it’s worthy to invest in Jasper.

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