For anyone who is new to the online business, they start with the shared hosting plan. These are one of the most affordable plans. Many web hosting services also provide these services with an abundance of features. Some newbies miss out on some of the amazing features that they can avail of in the best web hosting in India at cheap rates

It is because they think that it does cheap hosting and will be providing limited features. Well, that is not the case with every hosting company. You must check out the best of the company and their offers so you don’t skip on anything. 

Facts About Shared Hosting

But first, it is necessary that you know all the facts that you must check when buying the shared hosting services so you don’t get the wrong deal. Read the article till the end and you will get to know the best of the pointers to put a checkmark before buying the shared hosting. 

Let’s begin…

13 Important Facts About Shared Hosting (Before Purchasing)

1. Renewal Cost

Many web hosting companies play a trick on customers by showing a lower starting price to trick them into subscribing to their plans. The story behind it is quite different. These cheap plans convert into expensive pricing plans after the renewal.

If you are new to web hosting then chances are you might be unaware of this fact. But it exists and many of the hosting companies follow it. Especially you might be opting for shared hosting to get an affordable deal but instead, you will be stuck in an expensive package. So, check for yourself. 

2. Backups

You work so hard on your content that its security might be important for you. With regular backups, you will be ensured of the safety of the content and tools of your website. Backups are done in different ranges; some hosting companies provide regular, some give weekly.

There are also shared hosting companies that provide automatic backups which means you won’t need to worry about it. Even notice if they provide it for free or charge you for the service. 

3. Rating

It will be a simple step for you as well. You must check websites that have ratings and reviews of the web hosting companies. This will help you in knowing better. But do visit only the trusted sites to know the honest reviews and ratings. 

4. Plans

If a web hosting company has variety in their plans then that can be beneficial for you. Not only to shift to different types of hosting but to upgrade or variety in shared hosting itself. You might want to get more features or less at some point with the flexibility this will be easier. 

5. Free Domain

No one needs to bring focus to this point. But here I am asking you to please note down this factor in your list. You can find many web hosting companies that provide free domains even at shared hosting plans. Save yourself a ton of money by this step instead of buying it separately. 

6. Customer Support

For any web hosting service, customer support is the primary factor that should be checked. You must take a keen interest in watching reviews of users on this. Customer support may not seem important to you at the start.

But there are instances when your site may suffer from downtime or low speed. At that moment the customer support proved to be helpful. Most web hosting companies provide 24/7 service. You get support through many different sources like live chat, email, and phone even. 

7. Uptime

Uptime is the most significant factor. It needs to be considered at any cost. Avoiding this will show up on your site’s performance. The standard web hosting uptime is 99.95%. Anything below that would prove to be harmful to your site’s performance. With low uptime, the bounce rate of your website will increase. This affects the search engine ranking.

8. Unlimited

You can easily find many web hosting that provides unlimited features and many things. But remember these unlimited features are not always unlimited. You must stay aware of these tricks and clear these doubts in advance. This will keep you away from falling for any bait that says unlimited and it truly is not unlimited. 

9. Cancellation Policy

For many people choosing web hosting might be the most difficult decision of their life. With almost no knowledge of the facilities and features. But you need to know that there is a safer side to this choice. You can choose from the many web hosting companies that provide money-back guarantees.

You can avail the benefits, experience the hosting service and then only decide if you want to continue. In case you don’t like web hosting you can claim the money back. 

10. Freebies

Who doesn’t enjoy freebies? Especially when you get it at a low costing plan which is almost the scenario for the shared hosting. You will be getting the most out of the costing price that you are paying if the web hosting company that you chose provides you freebies.

The most common ones to check are Free SSL certificate, CDN, domain, and backup. There can be many other features; these are just examples to remind you of the benefit. 

11. Speed

You might be wondering what kind of speed that a web hosting company provides. It depends on many factors. The speed of the website is affected by many other features. But you must check the loading time of the web page, uploading time, and even the server speed.

All of it will help you in getting more conversions. With a slow loading page, a visitor would not want to spend more time on your page. With a quick shift, your page will suffer from a bounce rate. 

12. Flexibility 

You are opting for a web hosting service because you want the task to be easier for you. There would be many tools or applications that you want to use on your website to create a better Impression. This can be done by using various tools. But some hosting companies don’t let you integrate other guest tools or applications. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your shared hosting plan. 

13. Data Centers

Now, let’s focus on a factor that remains ignored. All the time people keep checking on the features and plan that they forget to check the location of the day servers of which they are buying the shared hosting plan. The data center will affect the server speed and performance.

According to me, you must pick the shared hosting which has data location in the region where you need the audience from. This helps in increasing ranking. 

Final Verdict

After reading all the above-mentioned facts you might be clear with the review of web hosting services and what you should consider while choosing the shared hosting. 

Do consider all of it in your checklist the next time you are buying a shared hosting for your blog or online business. This will help you in keeping the best features in your shared hosting plan. You will be able to make a beneficial deal for yourself without having to spend a fortune on it.

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