When you want to start a blog you may have confusion in choosing a reliable and affordable hosting provider for your blog.

Beginners are unable to decide the best hosting for their site as they don’t have any experience in this field. Basically, Bluehost and HostArmada both are the best reliable and affordable hosting service provider companies for beginners.

But then the question comes about which one is best among Bluehost vs HostArmada?

This article covers almost all topics regarding hosting services as features, uptime, performance, email services, website migration, domain services, security, server locations and data centers, and most valuable customer support.

Must read the whole article to clear your doubt with all information about each hosting service provider.

Advantages of Bluehost Hosting Service

If you started with WordPress then I think you must have heard this name from WordPress also. Bluehost has been working as a hosting service provider for a long decade and now everyone can say trusted hosting is equivalent to Bluehost.

Because of the trust and reliability of Bluehost hostings, WordPress has always recommended their users to use Bluehost hosting since 2005.

For those who are beginners, they don’t know about SSL and other essential points about hosting but Bluehost’s site is a premium site that provides all details about their plans in an easier manner which can be understood by beginners also. They provide 1 year of trusted SSL support with all their hosting plans.

Here are some advantages features provided by Bluehost in their hosting services –

1. Easiest Interface and Automatic WordPress Installation

Everyone as a beginner faces issues about how to install WordPress on hosting and how to connect the domain, which folder is used to connect WordPress with hosting?

Don’t worry if you are going to purchase Bluehost then Bluehost’s service asks some basic questions to clients after getting logged in. These questions are related to your website, like the title of your site, tagline, what kind of site you are going to create.

When you provide all details then Bluehost will automatically install WordPress on your domain and you can use WordPress for customization of the site. Bluehost takes care of the Backend and you get more time to work on the front end of your site.

2. Surprisingly Faster in Speed all over the world

If you are worried about site loading speed then Bluehost will give a solution to your worry.

Bluehost is working great in the US as their data centers are there but still in other countries like India they provide their best services as compared to other hosting service providers in India.

If you are a blogger then you must have heard about google’s recommended 200ms time. Bluehost’s response time in all nations over the world is much faster than 200ms.

3. High Performance and uptime 

No one wants to get lower performance when they pay lots to the hosting service providers. Bluehost provides you heavy performance in shared hosting plans also with 99.96% uptime tested by third-party services. You will never face site down or loading issues in shared hostings also.

4. Security have priority

Codeguard basic, Spam Experts, Sitelock like important features are provided from Bluehost which cares about the security of our site.

5. Unlimited Plan

When we are going to talk about unlimited then it must be true unlimited and the following are some true unlimited services from Bluehost. 

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unmetered bandwidth

6. 24/7 Technically Trained Support Team

Facing issues in your site then we always need faster support as soon as possible because we cant keep our site down or in a problem for 1 minute also.

Bluehost’s technical support team usually replies in just 5 minutes. They are well trained and they can handle any problem regarding hosting as well as WordPress also.

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Advantages of HostArmada Hosting Service

HostArmada is the young star in hosting service providers. You can make judgments about HostArmada as we are comparing this youngster with 2 decades experienced guy.

HostArmada was started in 2019, the developers and the HostArmada team have years of experience in other hosting service provider companies.

HostArmada gains popularity in less time because of its affordable plans and distributively located data centers in every continent. HostArmada is the most popular SSD-based cloud shared hosting service provider.

Here are some plus points about HostArmada hosting services –

1. Number of Data Centers

Number of data centers will matter more in the response time of your site. HostArmada can provide you very fast response time in every continent as they have data centers located nearer to their continents. Your information or data is stored in different locations and that’s why your site and data are more secure on HostArmada’s Datacenters.

2. Best SSD based cloud hosting

Everyone is shifting now from Hard Disk Drive(HDD) to Solid State Drives(SSD). Every server and data centers of HostArmada are SSD-based. This also affects your site speed.

3. Affordable Hosting service

As HostArmada is a youngster in this industry they started with affordable rates and premium features and still they kept it as earlier. This is a marketing strategy but if we are getting reliable and trustable services at affordable rates it’s the best deal for all of us.

4. Large number of servers with limited clients

Yes, Hostarmada has a large number of servers located in all parts of the world with limited client sites on each server. This will reduce the load on servers and servers remain up for every time. There are no issues faced by clients of HostArmada for the site down.

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5. Money-Back Guarantee

Premium hosting services try to skip this feature but HostArmada provides us with a 45 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their services then they can return your money but for this, you have to talk to their customer support system.

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Hosting Plan Of Bluehost and HostArmada

Bluehost Hosting Services –

Bluehost is specialized in WordPress hostings and they have WordPress hosting and WP pro Hosting plans for their clients. Bluehost also provides Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. All plans from Bluehost have Microsoft 365 integrated access.

Mostly shared hosting plans are used by beginners so we are going to take a look at shared hosting plans provided by  Bluehost as well as HostArmada.

Free SSL, Free Domain for one year, Bluehost SEO tools access, Free site migration, and automatic daily malware scan feature are available in all plans.

Basic – Cost: $2.95/mo, 1 Website, 50 GB SSD Storage and 25 Subdomain.

Plus – Cost: $5.95/mo, Unlimited Websites, Unmetered SSD Storage with an unlimited subdomain, MS Office email free trial for 30 days.

Choice Plus – Cost: $6.95/mo, Unlimited Websites, Unmetered SSD Storage with an unlimited subdomain, Daily website backup, domain privacy [Most Recommended plan]

Pro – Cost: $13.95/mo, All previous plans features, 2 Spam experts, Dedicated IP.

HostArmada has Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Their plans start from $3.99 per month. These are starting rates but you can also check other plans according to your requirements by visiting their site. All services of HostArmada include a free domain for 1 year and Free SSL Certificate.

HostArmada Shared Hosting Plans –

HostArmada’s all shared hosting plans include a free domain for one year with an SSL certificate and backup support.

Start Dock – Cost: $ 3.99/mo, 1 website, 15GB cloud SSD Storage, 10K Unique Visitors

Web Warp – Cost: $ 4.69/mo, UNLIMITED websites, 30GB cloud SSD Storage, 60K Unique Visitors.

Speed Reaper – Cost: $ 5.66/mo, UNLIMITED websites, 60GB cloud SSD Storage, 120K Unique Visitors, Dynamic Caching, 21 times daily backup.

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Winner Of The Battle – 11 Features Compared

Without going to discuss key features here we will directly compare each specification of hostings and give points to each hosting service provider. At last, the winner will be the best hosting service provider in front of you.

1) Uptime: Bluehost vs HostArmada

We will compare its uptime in India and the US. Both companies have equal more than 99% uptime all over the world. But HostArmada claims a 99.9% uptime guarantee while Bluehost doesn’t claim anything about uptime guarantee.

So we may think that Bluehost doesn’t have confidence about uptime. Yes, it’s right but companies can claim anything and practical results may be different. 

2) Performance: Bluehost vs HostArmada

As we know performance matters a lot in the online world and Bluehost and HostArmda both have the best performance. It’s difficult to choose one from both here but to some extent, Bluehost Wins this race. Bluehost is trustable and reliable hosting so this point goes to Bluehost.

3) Free Emails: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Both Hosting services offer free email with their hosting plans. The number of emails depends upon the hosting plans that you are choosing.

4) Website Migration: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Bluehost, as well as HostArmada, have the same service in website migration. They have free website migration included in all plans from both hostings.

5) Free Domain: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Free domain is also included with Bluehost and HostArmada plans for 1 year. So both hostings are at the same level in this feature.

6) Security: Bluehost vs HostArmada

In Security aspects, Bluehost can be trusted more. Bluehost is more reliable than HostArmada as it has CodeGuard Basic, Spam Protection Expert-like services. So Bluehost will take plus one.

7) Control Panel: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Hostarmada and Bluehost both have cPanel Support. Bluehost has an advanced feature of one-click WordPress installation. Hostaramada has all features like other hosting.

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Bluehost and HostArmada have Easier Backend access interfaces. Not just with WordPress, you can also access PHP, MySQL features through this cPanel.

8) Server Locations: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Your site’s response time and loading speed mostly depend on Data centers and servers.

HostArmada has its data centers on every continent while Bluehost doesn’t have many more data centers.

Majorly HostArmada has data centers in the United States, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Texas, California while Bluehost has most of its Data centers and servers in the US only. They have started to implant servers and data centers in other locations of the world. Still, HostArmada is ahead of Bluehost and that’s why it gets plus one!

9) Customer Support: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Bluehost and HostArmada both companies have dedicated customer care support on live chats, emails, social media, and phone calls. Whenever we get stuck we always need technical support in less response time.

Both companies claim 24/7 support with a technically trained team. But as per my experience, HostArmada’s customer support is far better than Bluehost.

Usually, the Bluehost Support team reaches you in a maximum of 5 minutes but HostArmada does not take much time. So in customer support points, HostArmada will get Plus one.

10) Website Builder: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Bluehost has a feature of its own website builder while Hostarmada doesn’t have any website builder. Bluehost’s website builder has a drag and drops features. So Bluehost will get plus one.

11) Money-Back Guarantee: Bluehost vs HostArmada

Both companies provide money-back guarantee services. According to hosting providers, Bluehost has a 30 days money-back guarantee in its trial pack while HostArmada has a 45 days money-back guarantee.

So, HostArmada provides 15 days more periods than Bluehost in the money-back guarantee.

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Cons of Bluehost Hosting Service

Bluehost is a premium hosting service provider but still, they have some issues with their service.

  • Bluehost has a single datacenter and it may be a headache for those who want to target customers from rural areas. As in some areas response time for your site may be higher than recommended response time from Google.
  • The Uptime Guarantee that we gave above is from third party trials and Bluehost never claimed or talked about their uptime guarantee. So it’s a doubtful situation created from their side about the uptime guarantee.
  • At the time of checkout Bluehost recommends and adds lots of unwanted and unnecessary services with all checkout orders. For someone who doesn’t know about that service they keep the services checked and waste their money on unwanted things.

Cons of HostArmada Hosting Service

As we know everything that we get at a lower price is not always best. HostArmada hosting service also has some cons as follows –

  • There are no small plans for months from HostArmada. This may be problematic to some clients as they want to try hosting first. But HostArmada provided a 45 days money back guarantee for their plans so you have to invest first for a longer period.
  • Initial basic rates are lower and affordable from HostArmada but charges at renew are really expensive like premium hosting providers. So it doesn’t remain affordable as an advantage point at time of renewal.
  • Customer support is lacking in technical aspects. The customer support time takes longer than usual. So HostArmada has to take care about these cons to improve their services.
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As we know Hostarmada is affordable enough for beginners but in key features, Bluehost goes ahead of HostArmada.

HostArmada has a plus point of affordability but this one is destroyed at the time of renewal. Bluehost is a genuine, trusted, and reliable hosting service provider with the best technical support team. So we recommend Bluehost as the hosting service provider from Bluehost vs HostArmada.

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