Artificial intelligence blog writing is a new technique of 2023. Blog writing is one of the best strategies for marketing your business whenever you want to attract more clients.

But every time we have a question about how to write the best, unique, and SEO-friendly content faster?

Especially blog writing is an option for all those businesses that work in online mode only. Every time whenever we want to attract more organic traffic then our main requirements are detailed blog posts.

So in this article, I am going to share with you how you can use the power of AI to write blog posts.

Can AI Tools Write Blog Posts?

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind is whether AI is really capable of writing blogs? I am answering the query in a few points.

Have you ever heard about natural language text generation technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence? These are the latest technologies like GPT-3 through which users can generate text with some inputs. 

But there is one issue: AI writing is ML-based writing, so whatever you provide as input, you will get a similar kind of output.

Make sure to provide a good amount of quality input to get perfect content.

What things can AI do for you as a writer?

AI is in the developing stage till now. But in the content writing sector, AI achieved lots of targets. It reduces the time required for formatting content, writing content, and generating ideas. 

For all bloggers and content creators who want traffic for their blogs, AI Content writing tools can generate readable, well-formatted, and keyword-rich articles for driving traffic to their sites.

Proofreading, text summarization, SEO, Copywriting, and Content Formatting are some tasks that are difficult to do manually but now through AI Text Generation tools, it becomes much easier.

Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing

If you want to generate some text without providing large inputs then it can be done through AI writing tools. Everyone wants to enhance their content and strategies through SEO but it takes a long time or expenses. But AI text Generation tools provide SEO-optimized content so your time and costing are also minimized. 

Digital Marketing is a growing field and every content creator has content requirements. But it’s impossible to find new ideas and formats with trading things to cover there manually.

AI text generation tools help in generating titles, ideas, descriptions, ads, and much more digital marketing-related stuff.

Top 3 AI Writing Assistant Tools In 2023

Usually, beginners try to find out the best tools at affordable rates. So here are some of the best artificial intelligence blog writing tools.

1) Jasper AI

Artificial Intelligence Blog Writing

If you are aware of this field for some past months then you must have heard about Jarvis. This Jarvis is renamed now as JasperAI. JasperAI is the best AI content writing tool for blogs and novel writing.

Jasper Boss mode plan gives almost every customization and control to users. Here commands give access to generate content according to your requirements.

JasperAI provides a free trial also with a starter plan starting from $29 per month. Boss mode of Jasper AI will cost around $59 per month. 

2) Rytr

Generating Content with GPT-3 technology in affordable pricing then Rytr is the best tool. Every beginner can also start with rytr as its simplistic interface. 

Rytr can generate blogs and novels also. Digital Marketing content like advertisements, Headings, Titles, Introductions can be generated with pre-built templates in rytr.

Rytr offers a free trial with every unlocked feature. The Saver plan starts on a $9 per month basis and an unlimited plan starts on a $29 per month basis.

3) Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is also one of the best AI content generation tools for blog writing.

Like Jasper AI, ShortlyAI also works on a command basis. If you are thinking about commands like coding then you are wrong because here commands take normal English language inputs. So it’s easier for all users to start with AI content Writing tools.

How do AI content writing tools work?

AI-based text generation or content writer tools use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with some deep learning for content generation. 

GPT-3 is the latest content writing technology from AI used for this task. GPT -3 works on the sequence generation phenomenon.

Here the user provides input keywords or in some tools commands. These keywords get searched over a dataset on the internet and they get some extra information regarding those keywords from there. 

Usually, they search in specific areas on the internet so we didn’t get that much accurate information on rare topics. Tools will generate the next word sequence regarding our provided input data.

For Example – If we provide Facebook as a keyword then it will generate something like “Mark Zuckerberg is founder of Facebook”. In the next steps, it will take Mark Zukerberg’s input and generate some strings regarding it.

That’s how AI-based content writing tools generate whole articles for you.

Useful Tips For Writing Blog Posts With AI Tools

Generating good content is the best way to attract customers and readers. While generating content from AI blog writing tools, you must follow some practical tips so that you can take 100% of those tools.

1) Don’t Trust Blindly on AI writing tools

AI works on facts and their truth. AI makes facts without any confirmation and usually gives credit to unwanted people.

Usually whenever it comes around some life issues and emotional things then sometimes it behaves like a strict chatbot.

AI doesn’t have that many emotions so it’s better to check the whole article after publishing it.

2) Provide Pattern to get better output

As we know that AI writing tools are useful for formatting articles but they are not at that level.

Usually using algorithms they generate new lines without knowing the pre-work. So it’s always preferable that we provide structured input to generate articles in the best pattern.

3) Use Similar Tone and Voice

In some AI-based article writing tools, we have the option of tone and voice.

If you are following some specific trends with your blogs then go with a similar one in further articles also. So keep consistency with your voice in AI article writing tools.

4) Do Your SEO

AI article writing tools can generate articles with SEO. But for better SEO just do articles SEO according to your own keywords. Follow the best practice according to your On-Page and Off-Page SEO rules.

If you follow all the above steps then AI text generation will increase your content quality and user engagement also.

Features and Uses of AI Writing Assistant Tools

After using a number of AI text generation tools we tried to enlist some best features. Here are some gathered features and there working in AI text generation tools.

1) Topic Ideas

Almost all AI article writing tools provide topic ideas generation facility.

Whenever we are stuck at a point for a topic for the next article then this feature can help you. Usually, we have to provide a single-word keyword for input.

According to our provided input, it will search for searched queries in the last periods regarding that keyword.

2) Keyword Research

AI article writing tools usually work with SEO optimization. Every time it uses keywords with density and improvements targeting the latest keywords through keyword research in AI text generation tools. It will reduce your keyword research time and you can improve articles quality.

3) Formatted and Brief Content

Google’s ranking algorithm works on the length and outline of your article.

Usually, the outline of your articles doesn’t matter in Google ranking directly but whenever we have a specific outline and format for articles then we can take retention from readers.

AI writing tools have features like generating a title, description, intro, outro, points, and headlines. So our article can become formatted with AI text generation tools.

4) Original Content

AI article writing tools like Jasper or Rytr can generate 100% unique plagiarism-free content. These all generated articles are generated with support from internet data but converted without spinning and generated through artificial intelligence.

So Google can’t say that this content is not unique and it can be ranked easily on Google due to included keywords.

5) Content Writing

Long-form content like blog posts, stories, and books or novels also can be generated through an AI content writing tool through Jasper AI Boss mode is the best feature where commands can do 5× faster generation for long-form content also.

The best feature is that you can change the tone of your content during a single article in JasperAI.


I hope this article helped you to know everything about artificial intelligence blog writing.

Artificial Intelligence has already had a huge impact on our society, and now it is beginning to have one in the blogging industry. AI tools are helping to make writing blog posts and ad copy easier than ever.

No longer do you need to spend hours writing blog posts, ad copy, and product descriptions and hope they turn into sales. AI tools are able to take anything you write and spit it back out in a format that is ready to share with your audience.

If you want to experience blog writing with AI then I highly recommend you to grab the free trial of Jasper.

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