Drive traffic from Quora

Have you recently started a new blog and feeling demotivated for not getting traffic?

Don’t Worry. In this post, I will teach you how you can effectively use Quora to promote your blog. Make sure you read the entire article and follow each and every step.

Quora is an evergreen platform to drive a huge quantity of traffic to your blog.

The Alexa ranking of Quora is 352 that drives more than 400millions unique visitors per month.

From these stats, you can assume the potentials of Quora. You can generate thousands of traffic by spending a few months in Quora.

Before proceeding always remember, whichever platform you choose to promote your blog you should create value-adding content for that platform then only you will get results.

Nowadays everyone uses Quora to drive traffic to their blog but all of them use it effectively. So you should know the proper way of using Quora to drive traffic.

So let’s drive into it.

Blog Promotion Via Quora

Promoting a blog via Quora is a solid method to drive thousands of traffic.

If you have just started your blog, initially it will not get enough traffic. In this case, you can use Quora to drive traffic in your blog.

Select the relevant topics of your niche. Choose a question in which you have deep knowledge, and write a detailed answer.

If you want to become a master user of Quora then follow the points given below.

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Effective Use Of Quora To Promote Blog

Promoting a blog via Quora is an evergreen technique. So here I am explaining how to use Quora effectively and drive more traffic from it.

Make sure you should not skip any point explained below.

1. Create A Strong Profile

First of all, if you have not created any profile till now in Quora then you can follow this link to create an account. You can simply use your Email id or Facebook to sign up in Quora.

After you successfully create your account, the first thing to do is fill up all your credentials step by step. Use original credentials and follow the policies of Quora.

Then select the topics in which more relevant to your niche. You should have enough knowledge of the topics you select.

Use Quora To Promote Your Blog
My Quora Profile

Try to add your real photo in the profile picture section. 

The main part to create a profile strong is the bio section. You should write an attractive bio, which should not be too small or too large.

In the bio section, you can write two to three lines about yourself. 

Don’t forget to add your blog link in the bio and also add your useful social media accounts links. This will help people to trust your content.

2. Pick Question Relevant To Your Niche

Once you complete setting up your profile on Quora the next thing is the contribution.

Keep scrolling through the list of questions until you find a question on which you have enough knowledge. Don’t hesitate to answer any question if you know the answer.

Always answer the questions which are relevant to your articles and niche.

For example, if your niche is Blogging then try to answer the questions related to WordPress, Blogger, AdSense, how to drive traffic, etc.

If you are now to Quora then answer the questions which have no answer or only one-two answer. Because in this case there is a high chance to stand out.

Also, you can go for questions with more number of followers as there is a high chance to viral your answer. In such questions, you can get thousands of views.

3. Write Detailed Long Answer

I have seen many people answer two or three lines to a question.

These types of answers usually do not get viral and readers also do not Upvote these answers.

So if you want your answer to go viral then you should try to write a detailed answer. Clarify each and every point related to the question.

If your answer solves all the queries of the reader then there is a high chance that the reader may follow your account.

And if you are writing a long answer don’t forget to add an image related to the answer, this will grab the attention of the readers.

Finally, don’t forget to use Grammarly to proofread your Quora answer before you publish them.

Because no one will upvote your answer if they’re full of typoes.

You can use free Grammarly to help you, and if you go for a premium version you can use one of the official Grammarly coupon codes as offered by Grammarly affiliates. Save some money!

4. Include Links Of Your Blog Within The Answer

In your answer, you can add the links of your post relevant to that answer.

Don’t spam. Do not add more than one or two links in your answer.

Many people write an answer of a few lines and put 4 to 5 links of their blog. That is not acceptable in this case, Quora will mark your answer as low-quality content.

Moreover, if you spam too much there is a high chance that your account can be banned.

People should not think you are using your answer to promote your blog. Contribute genuinely and you will definitely get results.

5. Join Different Quora Spaces Related To Your Niche

Quora space is basically a community based on a specific topic, it is just like Facebook groups.

You can join some spaces related to your niche. If your niche is tech then you can join spaces of tech niche.

Use Quora To Promote Your Blog

This is our Quora Space for bloggers. You can click here to join our space and help us to build a strong community.

If you are using Quora for a long time, you can be given access to create your own space.

6. Share Your Answer In Spaces

After you write an answer you have to promote that so that your answer gets viral. Share your answer in different relevant spaces.

 The more you share the more viewers you will get and ultimately your site will also receive traffic.

7. Share Your Answer To Facebook and Ask Your Friends To Upvote

Promote your answer just like you promote your blog posts.

Share the answer in your social media handles and ask your friend to upvote. Also, try to share your answer in different Facebook groups of the relevant niches.

Upvotes increase the chance to viral your answer.

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Final Words

Thank You, Everyone!!

I hope this article will help you to effectively use Quora to promote your blog. Just the points that are given in this post and you will become a pro user of Quora.

One point to always remember is that you should not spam. 

Don’t write answers just to promote your blog. If you become a genuine contributor, you will definitely get success.

If you have any queries related to the article then don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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