Top Free CSS Submission Sites List In 2021

In this article, we have shared with you the best CSS submission sites list in 2021 that could help you in your SEO efforts.  Also, you will get some high page rank CSS submission sites list.

There are lots of CSS submission sites on the internet but only a few are working so we have collected the best CSS submission sites for you.

The list of websites mentioned in this post is mostly active and working and we keep them updating regularly.

CSS Submission Sites List In 2021

The term CSS means Cascading Style Sheets.

The CSS is used to design your website with the help of lines of code only and without using any images or graphical designs.

You need to make a good CSS and then submit it to CSS submission websites. If they find your CSS code good enough, they may probably give you a backlink, which helps to build a backlink score a bit more.

There is a lot to discuss CSS submission sites and their effect on the SEO of websites.

What is CSS submission?

CSS submission is the process of submitting your website’s CSS codes in the different directories across the web as a templates source. 

In other words, CSS submission results in displaying your website design on website templates and design-related sites. In this way, you can create good backlinks directed towards your domain.

If your CSS is good and modern you will get approved and can attract traffic as well as a backlink from the directory which could be useful for SEO and ultimately helps to rank your website in google’s search result.

Using CSS submission you are creating a manual backlink from unique and high DR/ PR sites, that ultimately is good for your site

CSS submission and SEO :

As we know, the Cascade style sheet is a programming language commonly used to detail the color, layout style, and custom fonts of particular web pages on your website.

It is popular as it separates the page design (i.e front end of the page in technical terms) from the real content that includes post articles or any utility information.

CSS submission is one of the off-page SEO methods among several other methods of passing authority to the sites. It’s one of the best working techniques for building do-follow backlinks that help to improve SERP ranking.

In other words, your site will get a higher ranking on SERP and improves the chances of higher visibility.

What are CSS submission sites?

The sites that accept and display the CSS code of your live website for educational purpose or design purposes on their sites, so that others get helped with it.

The CSS submission sites can be a simple blog website or it can be a Web design service provider. In this article, we have listed all types of the CSS submission sites.

Top CSS Submission Sites List In 2021

So here I have made a list of the best CSS submission sites In 2021, almost all the sites are active.

I have gone through many researchers to find the top CSS submission sites that are currently available on the internet.

SL NOCSS Submission Site ListStatus

These are some popular CSS submission sites where you submit your website’s CSS code.

The advantages and disadvantages of CSS submission are listed below.

Advantages of CSS submission

  • There is a trend in beginners in the SEO sector of making hundreds and thousands of backlinks from only a few sites, but wait this is a bad practice in SEO and termed as black hat SEO.
  • There is a good chance that you will get quick backlinks as compared to other sites and other methods like guest posting/ blog owner direct approaching.
  • You will get 100% direct organic traffic which is acceptable from google’s point of view.
  • Free of cost as you don’t have to pay a single dollar for a high-quality backlink.

Points to keep in mind while adding your website to the CSS submission site:

If your website is modern and has an elegant look, then you can get a number of good backlinks from the best CSS websites. The following are the tips that will assist you to get started with CSS submission sites.

Important Note:
Free WordPress themes and CSS are not accepted for submission by some CSS submission sites and strictly followed.

Point 1 – Select from the above CSS submission sites list almost all of them are free of charge.

Point 2 – Choose one site from the list below that will automatically take you to the home page of that site. Locate the navigation bar and look for the Submit button there.

Point 3 – Fill in all the details about your site like name, e-mail address, and web page URL link. You can also add comments in the comment section. Use this process for the other sites on the CSS submission sites list above. To avoid spamming processes, only submit one link on one site.

Disadvantages of CSS submission

As of now, there is no disadvantage to adding websites to CSS submission sites.

But it will be of great use and very effective if you focus on creating quality content more than the site will rank automatically due to content originality.

CSS submission is that off-page SEO technique that is rarely used these days by digital marketers. 


In short, with the list of best CSS sites mentioned above, you can submit your sites CSS codes successfully, there is a chance that your submission is accepted if you submit in all of the mentioned sites.

Do proper planning, make to-do lists, and implement them one by one. Also, don’t forget to check the spam score of CSS submission sites as it may affect SEO negatively.

If you know any site that is good but not listed in the above list of CSS submission sites 2021 and that worthy to be mentioned then do message us in the comment box or email us at [email protected].

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