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Sales and marketing types of businesses need to be more than just strong in their performance. They need to be engaging. That’s why so many businesses are integrating text-to-voice conversion services into their marketing campaigns. This is where could come in.

If you’re in the market for text-to-voice conversion services but are looking for a low-cost option, is worth looking into. also comes with a free trial for all new users. Here in this blog post, I will also provide you an exclusive tip to get up to a 25% discount on all the premium plans of the tool. Lifetime Deal 2024 lifetime deal is live on the AppSumo platform starting at just $79 (one-time purchase). This is the best time to grab the tool.

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Features of the lifetime deal:

  • Standard and premium voices
  • Unlimited preview and downloads
  • Embedded audio players
  • Multi-voice features
  • Podcasting solution
  • Email lead generation and much more

What is is AI-based text-to-speech converter software that generates voice from text to speech. There is no human intervention in between this process. AI is growing day by day and now Voice recognition techniques are achieving the sky’s limits. is an emerging name in the text-to-speech industry. is powered by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. doesn’t result in computer voice or robotic voice, they provide human-like intonation. is served in 132 languages and accents combinations.

Highly trained machine learning algorithms are used by to generate text-to-speech results with high accuracy. The machine learning algorithms are trained in different multiple ways for each language.

Must read: Review 2024 – Is It The Best AI Text to Speech Software? operates on multiple platforms like web browsers and apps also. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligences Natural Language processing technique helping to perform the text to speech.

Voice recognition is a different part as Alexa, and Siri is working on it. Using the same voice recognition technique giving perfect output voice for your input text is done through TTS (text-to-speech).

Why use Text-to-Speech software like like TTS software’s don’t require any kind of extra hardware to work on the text to speech. It can work on web browsers as well as applications. Users don’t require any special skills to operate such software.

All creators from different platforms like youtube or Instagram are searching for a voice artist who can give the voice-over to their videos. This problem can be solved by text-to-speech software.

In some medical conditions Dyslexia means that a patient is having trouble reading, then like text-to-speech software can be helpful to them. offers multiple languages support and hence it’s not a problem to have multiple voice artists for different languages. Discount 2024: Get 25% OFF

If you are searching for any coupon code, then you are just wasting your time. Because they are not accepting any coupon codes at present.

Well, you can claim an instant 25% discount by purchasing this tool for the annual billing system. No coupon code is required to get the discount.

For example, the basic plan of comes at $19/mo, but if you choose the annual billing system the same will cost you just $14.25/mo (save 25%).

Features of

Let’s have a brief look at all the top features of…

1) Commercial and Broadcast Rights

The audio is created using platform has its own commercial rights. That means that created audio belongs to you and you only. No one can claim that the audio voice is ours and you have to share rights.

Also, you can share the audio anywhere on streaming and sharing platforms. So users can use the audio with 100% copyrights in commercials and broadcasting the podcasts, audiobooks, audio articles, and youtube voiceovers.

2) 570+ Voice tones is improving day by day and joining multiple voice tones every day. is powered by Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and Google Wavenet providing state-of-the-art voices. They provided a large number of voices with both male and female voices. 

Voices are categorized into 2 different categories of Standard Voices and Premium Voices. Standard voices may sound like traditional robotic sounds. 

Another premium voice is also called Neural Voices. Neural voices have meaning in their names themselves as NTTS or Neural Text To Speech Software. These voices are generated using neural networks in Machine learning and deep learning combinations. The generated voices are indistinguishable from any human recordings and it makes them more usable.

3) 130 + Languages support is working with the support of more than 134 languages from different parts of the world. supports Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, and Urdu. More than that they also could try English accents and Hindi accents.

4) Voice Modulation And Selection

As we already had a look at its features of different accents of English, also offers single text or line output from text to speech so that you can get sound about that word. So you can choose the voice according to your requirement for the short part. You can make cha yes in custom pronunciation of some text or words. Custom pronunciation is the advanced feature provided by any Text to speech software only available in

Editing access to all voice tones is provided in We can make changes in the volume, rate, and pitch of the voice and can listen to the same situation. 

Custom pauses are the main important feature in engaging the listeners with your podcasts. Custom pauses can be created using some punctuation marks and you can set up their pause durations. By default pause durations are already set with some specific English-based pause.

5) Unlimited Revisions

Users can make unlimited revisions of the text to speech on a single text document using different options of voice tones or customizing the single-line text voice modulation.

The emotions of the text, the volume of the text, and the speech of the text voice can be changed by selecting the specific text. Productivity can take a long time but the output of your productivity is always at higher creativity with it.

6) Faster than others

Multiple options to play with the single text and voice tones with voice modulation are there in Faster than others means it’s faster than waiting for the voice-over artists to adapt according to modifications.

Everything can be done within a short period of time and hence it’s less time-consuming.

Podcasts are a growing feature nowadays. No one wants to read the whole article with the effort so they just prefer podcasts of such articles to get knowledge effortlessly. 

7) File Manager works on the cloud and hence it can provide us some storage at their end. In the audio library section on the dashboard, users can get the files and Projects section.

Under the Files section, we can get all our generated audio from different projects. Projects also get saved in the projects tab.

8) Audio Integration in WordPress has its own WordPress plugin which can help you to integrate the audio players in the WordPress sites.

The audio player symbolic button is provided by to embed your audio podcast on your WordPress site. This audio player’s colors, size, and mobile friendliness make it more customizable.

Also, it’s SEO Friendly so your voice audio can be ranked on Google also. Another option of the audio button is also given to enable the listening facility in the browser.

9) Different Audio Exports offers the export of the audio files in different types of formats in the software itself. We can export MP3 and WAV format audios with sample rates of 8kHz, 16 kHz, 24kHz, or 48 kHz. The pauses can be managed through the same window of the export tab.

Plans and Pricing of offers a free trial with 4 different types of plans according to users’ requirements. Here I have shared all the important features and pricing of every plan. Free Trial offers a free trial of 600 words limit and 3 downloads access. They just provided some trial with a free plan so you have to update for further use in the following paid plans.

The premium plans and their pricing are listed below:

1) Personal Plan

A Personal Plan can be useful for learning, proofreading, and school projects like personal works, not more than that. 

  • 240,000 words
  • Standard Voices
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Unlimited Downloads

Price: $14.25 / Month (Yearly Billing)

2) Professional Plan

The professional plan is made for content creators, bloggers, and freelancers who are working in digital marketing like commercial content creations. 

  • 600,000 Words
  • Premium Voices
  • Commercial Rights
  • Customizable Audio Players
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Unlimited Downloads

Price: $29.25 / Month (Yearly Billing)

3) Growth Plan

The growth plan is for growing stage organizations like teams and small companies startups. 

  • 2,400,000 words
  • Everything is professional
  • Team Access
  • Automated Audio Creation
  • Pronunciations Library
  • White-labelled Audio Players

Price: $74.25 / Month (Yearly Billing)

4) Business Plan

It’s the biggest and top-level plan for all large businesses. The important features of the Business plan are listed below.

  • 6,000,000 words
  • Everything in growth
  • Bulk audio creation
  • Multiple teams/websites
  • Multiple podcast hosting
  • Rebrand and Resell
  • Priority technical support 

Price: $149.25 / Month (Yearly Billing)


I hope this article helped you to get all the information about lifetime deal and discounts in 2024. has amazing facilities in text-to-speech generation. There are no problems with the interface or voiceover generations. Realistic and human voice-like audio can be generated through this software. 

Purchasing the plans as per requirements is really worth it because of its features. Its alternatives may be available at lesser pricing than but they don’t offer that many facilities.

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