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Peppertype ai is undoubtedly one of the best AI writing assistant tools in 2023. It generates very high-quality content. More than 1200+ brands including Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, and Indigo trust this AI tool.

It also offers a free trial for all new users. In this free trial, users can generate up to 10,000 words. While upgrading to any free trial make sure you apply the Peppertype ai coupon code mentioned in this article to save a few dollars on your purchase.

Peppertype ai Promo Code Coupon

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How to activate the Peppertype Ai coupon code

Here is a step-by-step guide to activate the 30% discount deal of Peppertype ai. Make sure to follow the steps given below.

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Step 2: After you log in to your dashboard, click on your name in the top right corner. Then click on the “Explore Plans” button.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the pricing page of the Peppertype ai. Select a plan according to your requirements.

While choosing the billing cycle you can go for the annual billing to get an extra 20% discount.

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peppertype ai promo code

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What is Peppertype Ai? is the AI-powered content writing tool helping all content writers and digital content creators to generate Unique and user-friendly content. Fast content generation is possible because of GPT-3 and the deep learning autoregressive Model used by offers multiple styles to generate content. Machine learning-based content generation makes it more realistic and sounds like human-written content. Content styles and topics are provided with large choices and have a big database in the backend to provide better quality content.

In the GPT-3 model is trained with more than 175 billion parameters. That means we have large content at the backend for guidance to generate new content.

The tool is totally made upon Javascript as a basic programming language. ReactJS worked there as frontend while NodeJS worked as backend there for development.

You will never face the downside of application software as its AWS-provided hosting to Payments are secure due to the Stripe payment method.

Why Choose Peppertype Ai?

Want to generate bulk content but facing the lack of ideas issues? These issues are faced by mostly marketing content generators and copywriters who want to generate more with less effort. is the best solution to all of your problems as it comes with perfectly managed and trained AI for quality and unique content generation.

peppertype ai promo code

Content generation and content creation ideas are taking lots of time to write it manually and hence can save a lot of time in the generation of content. There are a number of AI-based content generation tools but they can lose their efficiency in some expertise manner but is efficient enough.

Not only efficient in content generation but also have multiple ideas for content generation. It is an easy-to-use interface that makes it more easily usable for any new user also. Can operate in Team mode and we can check team analytics on the same dashboard making more useful for large organizations. 

Features of Peppertype Ai

There are lots of reasons are there to choose over all other its competitors. Let’s discuss each feature of

1) Multiple Tools

You can generate multiple forms of content through with small input according to your requirements. All different tools make some uniqueness in the content generated by them. content generation tools are divided into Short Form content tools and Long Form content tools. They have some limitations on words and hence you must have to choose the perfect content type according to your requirement for more efficient usage.

2) Short Form Content Tools

Short-form content tools are very much essential for digital marketers. Here are some short-form tools provided by the Peppertype ai.

  • Google Ads Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Website Headlines and Copies
  • Website SEO Meta Description
  • Youtube Video Ideas
  • Features to Benefits
  • Facebook Ads, and much more

3) Simple to Use

Using for generating content is literally easier for every beginner also.

You just have to follow simple steps like choosing the desired content tool according to your requirement. Followed by entering some input data to that tool about business or regarding your content. Click on generate and it will generate some different copies automatically for you. 

You just have to go through these simple 3 steps for creating and generating the best output for articles, blogs, e-commerce sites, or marketing.

4) Chrome Extension is improving day by day. Now they launched the chrome extension through which we can directly edit our content from blogs or through Google docs. 

Extension support of such tools is making our tasks much easier. Throughout the journey of, they are providing all the latest facilities with great improvement to other competitors.

5) Quick Actions inside the editor offers some specific quick actions inside the editor itself. It offers some commands mentioned below with their usage,

Rewrite – The user can select some text from the content that he wants to edit or make some changes to it then he can select the rewrite option. 

Expand – If a user wants to expand his written content length then this can also be done through this tool option of expanding.

Simplify – Users think that some text from their content is literally difficult to understand by normal users then he or they can select that text and apply a Simplify option on it. 

Write a Paragraph – This is the most useful option when it comes to generating content related to something that you have already written.

6) Free Trial For New Users offers a free trial for all new users through which users can generate multiple copies of the content. In the free trial, it offers 100+ copies of generation support with almost all features being unlocked here. 

The best part of the Free Trial offered by is that you don’t require any credit card for trying them.

7) Free Rewards Earning

All plans from have some limitations on content generation in terms of words. If your word limit gets over, you can do some beneficial tasks that can give you more credits to generate content here.

Almost 25 thousand word limit can be generated by just doing some simple tasks as rewards.

Scheduling a Training Call with their training team can give you an extra 5000 words of credit. Joining the Facebook Community of can provide 5000 more credits. 

Users can give reviews about on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot to get the benefit of 5000 words credit each. The referral reward of each friend joining is also provided with 5000 words of credit.

8) Extra services offers some extra services like Content writing services, Graphic Designing Services, and Language Services. They are targeting all the industries like automotive, travel, accounting and taxation, sports and fitness, logistics and legal, and many more to train their modules of AI.

Peppertype Ai Plans and Pricing

With the Free trial plan as discussed in features, comes with 2 different plans and one customizable plan according to your requirements.

1) Starter Plan

The starter plan is best for all those who work individually, entrepreneurs, freelancers at a small scale, and on small teams. It’s for starter stage usage.

Pricing: This plan will cost you $35 per month for monthly billing and $25 per month for the annual billing system.

Here are some best features of the Starter Plan:

  • 50,000 Words per seat
  • Add team members
  • Advanced Parameters
  • All Content Types are unlocked
  • Early Access to new plans
  • Request can be shared for new content types
  • Active customer support

The starter plan can be customized according to the number of seats from 1 to 20. Prices also vary according to seats. We are sharing the pricing for single-user seats.

2) Growth Plan

The growth plan is made for all those professional users, Marketing teams, Agencies, and Startups. High-level content generation with some extra extended limits is provided here. 

Pricing: The Growth plan of comes at $199 per month for monthly billing and $165 per month for annual billing.

Here are some of the features and limitations of the Growth Plan:

  • 50,000 Words per Seat
  • Add team members
  • Advanced parameters
  • All content generation tools are accessible.
  • Early access to all beta-released tools
  • Can request a content type
  • Active customer support
  • Collaborate and share results among the team
  • Access Control
  • Download Results

The Growth Plan comes with 5 seats as a basic plan. With a single-seat increment, we can add seats up to 20.

3) Enterprise Plan (Customizable)

This Customized plan is made for all those users who are running the marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises with some extra extended limitations on content generation. 

Here are some of the best facilities offered in the Enterprises plan:

  • Content generation can be set as unlimited
  • AI models can be trained according to your requirements, especially for you.
  • Brand voice can be used here
  • Other brand-related parameters are added
  • Custom widgets
  • Integration facility
  • Bulk content generation
  • Human Quality Check
  • Exclusive check for plagiarism 
  • Exclusive check for Grammer

Pros and Cons of Peppertype Ai

Here I have listed some of the positive aspects and downsides of using the Peppertype Ai.


  • offered faster content generation with simple steps
  • Team management is possible here with an analytics dashboard provided with a clean interface
  • 10,000 words Free trial offered (No credit card required)
  • Multiple Tools for different kinds of content generation
  • Almost 99% plagiarism-free and unique quality content generation
  • provides the best customer care support with technically trained executives
  • Chrome extension is available


  • Pricing is comparatively higher. Cheaper alternatives are available in the market
  • Limitation in words for content generation


So this is all about the Peppertype ai promo code and discounts. If you are looking to grab Peppertype ai with the biggest deal then this is the perfect time for you.

Peppertype is a new tool in the market but it generates excellent output. I know that it can be difficult finding the time to do your writing or editing and would hate for you to put it off. With Peppertype, you can save a ton of time and generate content in just a few clicks.

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