13 Interesting Types Of Blogs That Make Money In 2021

types of blogs that make money in 2021
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If you are in the Blogging field, then you must be familiar with the term ‘niche’. Whenever we plan to start a new blog our first aim should be choosing a niche.

There are hundreds of niches but not all of them profitable. If you want to build your empire in Blogging, then choosing a profitable niche is very important.

In this post, I am going to share with you 13 interesting types of blogs that make money in 2021.

Nowadays blogging is becoming very competitive and thus before starting any blog choose the niche wisely.

After you select your niche the first thing to do is purchasing a domain and hosting with good facilities.

You should have a clear purpose for your Blog. Keep in mind whatever niche you select, you have to invest time to make a successful blog in 2021.

Now let’s see a quick preview of the contents:

Types Of Blogs That Makes Money In 2021

Among thousands of blogging niches, here I am sharing 13 amazing types of blogs that make money in India. So, let’s drive into it…

1. Financial Blog 

Finance Blogs always remain at the top of the list when it comes to money-making blog types. These types of blogs generally deal with the Stock market, how to invest money, trading, etc.

If you have enough knowledge about finance then you should go for this niche. The finance niche is one of the most profitable niches in 2021.

Through these types of blogs, you can share your opinion and future prediction of stocks. 

Remember since this niche deals with money, so your content should be highly researched. Always share content that is valuable to your audience. 

2. Affiliate Marketing Blog

If you ask me, What is your favorite type of blog?

My answer will be affiliate marketing blogs. In affiliate marketing, you have to join any affiliate network and have to promote their products. For each sale, you will get a certain percentage of commission.

Some of the popular affiliate networks are Amazon associates, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, etc. All of these networks are free to join.

3. Fashion Blog

Nowadays everyone wants to dress well and look good. So the demand for Fashion blogs is increasing day by day.

Fashion Blogging generally deals with trending dressing styles, fashionable haircut, trending shoes.

Since this niche deals with physical products so you earn a good amount of money by promoting products of other affiliate networks like Amazon associates.

You can create a micro-niche blog under Fashion niche, where you can write articles that are related to only men’s dresses or women’s shoes etc.

4. Lifestyle Blog

A lifestyle blog is a representation of your everyday life. A lifestyle blog is a very broad category. 

Lifestyles blog is the parent category of niches like Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Hobbies, Food, etc. You can select any niche from these according to your interest.

By lifestyle blogging, you can become an influencer to your audience.

5. Health & Fitness

In 2021 everyone is concentrating on a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is very curious about their health, and thus Health and Fitness is a trending niche.

If you have enough knowledge of fitness, then you can become a fitness coach, and a blog will help you to generate more customers.

There are also other methods of monetizing like Displaying ads, Selling affiliate products, etc.

6. Travel Blog

If you are one of those who love to travel frequently, then this niche is for you.

Travel blog generally deals with the writer’s experiences when he visits a particular place. Travel blogs inspire people to travel and get a break from their stressed life.

Travel blogs also guide people to choose a destination. It is one of the interesting types of the blog that makes money in 2021.

7. Education Blog

An education blog is something where you can guide peoples to gain mastery in a particular thing. 

Some people things educational blog limits in schooling activities. But the fact is that if you are good at blogging, you can teach people about blogging.

The education niche is one of the most profitable niches in 2021.

8. Parenting Blog

Parenting is not an easy task nowadays. If you are a mother or father of a kid then this niche will attract you. This kind of blog basically deals with tips, advice on parenting. 

There are several ways to monetize parenting blogs such as Affiliate marketing, Accept sponsor blog posts, Display advertisements.

9. Home Decor

Home Decor is another interesting niche if you are planning to start a blog in 2021. These days peoples are involving more in Decorating their houses.

I will recommend creating a micro-niche blog under the Home Decor category. You can easily monetize this kind of blogs by doing affiliate marketing of home decoration products.

10. Pets

If you are a pet lover then this niche is for you. This niche deals with food, caretaking of pets, or you can write about your own pet’s nature and habits.

You can make money from this kind of blog by selling different pets products or displaying advertisements.

11. Event Blogging

Event blogging is dedicated to a particular event so that during the event your site gets millions of traffics.

I personally didn’t try event blogging but peoples are making money through this.

For monetization, you can display advertisements of Google AdSense or you can promote products related to that event. These types of blogs make money in India.

12. Tech Blogs

Tech blogs are the most demanding blogs nowadays. This niche is well known for the high CPC of Google AdSense.

There several types of tech blogs that deal with reviews of the latest gadgets. This niche is vast so for a quick result, you can create a micro-niche that will be dedicated to a particular gadget.

Some of the monetizing ideas of a Tech blog are Affiliate marketing, Display advertisement, Sponsor blog posts. 

13. Food Blogs

Food blogs are one of the most demanding blogs. Everyone loves food and wants to taste different food items.

Through a food blog, you can teach people about different food recipes. You can also review trending food recipes.

There are different ways of monetizing food blogs like selling your own e-book about recipes, display advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc.

Final Words

Thank You, Everyone!!

There are several niches in which you can create a blog. The above mention niches are the most demanding niches.

I hope this article about 13 interesting types of blogs that make money in 2021 helps you to choose a perfect niche to start your blogging journey.

If I missed any important niche to add in this list, don’t hesitate to comment down below. I will try to add this niche to the list.

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