Want to launch your first blog on the internet?

If yes. You have landed in the right place. Through this article, I will explain to you step by step how to start a profitable blog in 2021.

Although if you have zero knowledge of how to start a blog, after reading this article you will be able to create a professional blog.

Blogging is an emerging business nowadays and the power of blogging is increasing exponentially.

I have seen many professional bloggers who left their job and now working as full-time bloggers.

There are lots of interviews of popular bloggers are available on the internet and in these interviews, they said blogging gives them a kind of satisfaction and independence.

So without any further delay. Let’s drive into it…

How To Start A Blog From Scratch [Step By Step]

Just follow the steps given below, you will be able to start a blog in 2021.

  • Step 1: Pick A Niche For Your Blog
  • Step 2: Select A Domain Name For Your Blog
  • Step 3: Purchase An Hosting Plan
  • Step 4: Connect Domain With Hosting
  • Step 5: Do Some Basic Customization In Your Blog
  • Step 6: Start Writing Content

Not familiar with the terms written in those steps?

Don’t worry. In this post, you will get a detailed explanation of each and every step needed to start a blog in 2021 from scratch.

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Pick A Niche For Your Blog

Choosing a niche is the first and most important step whenever you are going to start a new blog.

In 2021 blogging is becoming very competitive. So if you want to get success in blogging you have to do proper research to find a profitable niche. 

If you do not pick any particular niche for your blog then there is a high chance of failure.

A commonly done mistake of all newbie bloggers is that they do not follow any particular niche. They just write about some random topics whatever comes to their mind.

After few days of not getting any result, they quit blogging.

So before starting your blog, make sure you spend some quality time researching a profitable niche. 

Still, confused about the niche?

Let me help you to choose a niche for your blog 😊

If you are not able to decide a niche for your blog. Ask yourself these questions mentioned below: 

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  • Make a list of all the things on which you have enough knowledge and you are interested (It could be finance, tech, education, etc)
  • From your list find a trending item, which people love to read.
  • Now ask yourself, in which topic from this list you can write unlimited numbers of articles?

Do this activity. I am sure you will come up with an amazing niche for your blog.

If you are still not able to find a profitable niche then check 13 interesting types of blogs that make money in 2021

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Find A Domain Name For Your Blog

When it comes to select a domain name for our blog we easily get confused because there are millions of options available.

And as a result, we waste much time in selecting a name for our blog.

There are lots of tools available like LeanDomainSearch, Namestall, etc which you can use to choose a domain name for your blog.

Just put the keyword in these tools they will automatically suggest available names for your blog. This practice can save lots of time for you.

Although domain name does not matter but always try to pick a name that can be remembered after reading once. Keep it short as possible.

And always try to pick a top-level domain extension (like .com, .net, .org).

Still, if you are confused about domain names then read how to find a catchy name for websites

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Choose a Good Hosting Plan and Get a Free Domain

Hosting is the basic building unit of any website. A hosting generally keeps your website’s content and make it accessible to the visitors.

There are lots of hosting provider companies available, so it is quite confusing to choose a good hosting provider.

As it is your first blog, I will not recommend you to go for any highly costly or very cheap hosting provider.

Rather you can go for any affordable hosting companies like Bluehost. Bluehost is a very popular hosting provider company that gives hosting at an affordable price.

The performance of Bluehost is very good, the average load time of Bluehost is around 2 milliseconds which is better than average. They also provide 24/7 customer support, which is very necessary for beginners.

Steps to follow to get your first Hosting and Domain:

Not sure how to purchase a hosting plan and get a domain name?

Don’t worry, just follow the steps given below. You will be able to get your first Domain name and hosting plan for your blog.

Step 1: Visit the BlueHost official page.

start a blog in India

Click on the Get Started button to proceed and select a plan from the given list. I will recommend you to choose the CHOICE PLUS plan.

Step 2: Choose your Domain name

start a blog in India

You will get a free domain name for one year with all the shared hosting plans of Bluehost.

Enter the domain name you want for your website.

Now it will for the availability of the domain, if your domain is available you will get the domain or if it is not available you have to pick another name.

Step 3: Enter necessary details

start a blog in India

Enter all the details asked by them while creating the account.

If you want, you can un-check the package extras added by BlueHost. Because it increases the overall price of your package.

Step 4: Enter payment information

start a blog in India

Now enter your credit card information and click on the submit button.

That’s it, you have successfully purchased hosting and domain for your blog.

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Install WordPress For Your Blog

Now you have to install WordPress for your blog to make it live on the internet.

For WordPress installation, first login into your Bluehost account.

Now click on the website option from the sub-menu. 

start a blog in 2021

Find the WordPress banner and click on the install now button. Hover the mouse to the WordPress icon and click on install.

After that fill the admin information and once you completed then click on install.

Now to login to your WordPress dashboard remember the URL given bellow


Just replace your-domain-name.com with the domain name you have registered. Paste the URL in your browser.

Enter the username and password that you have made during filling the admin information.

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Basic Customization For Your Blog

Once you successfully installed WordPress, now here comes some basic customization for your blog.

Add a user-friendly theme

The default theme of WordPress is not so attractive. So you can install any professional looking theme for your blog.

How to install a new theme in WordPress?

Let’s see step by how to install a new theme in WordPress.

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  • Find the Appearance option in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Now hover to the themes option.
  • Click on add new and select any theme you like.

Some of my recommended themes are:

GeneratePress Theme:

GeneratePress is a responsive, very easy to use light-weight WordPress theme. It is one of the best themes which can be used for any niche site.

It is available in both the free version and paid version. I personally use GeneratePress in my most of the WordPress site.

OceanWp Theme:

OceanWp is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for any site.

It is fully responsive and has a very loading time. It is free to all, so you can download and use it free of cost.

Astra Theme:

Astra is another light-weight professional looking theme. It is very easy to customize, SEO friendly, and compatible with all the page builders.

Add Some Essential Pages

Once you finalize a theme for your blog the next task is to add some pages to your blog. Add an ‘About us’ page that describes you and the type of content you are going to publish in your blog.

Then add a ‘contact us’ page, so that your visitors can contact you whenever they needed.

You should also add some other pages like Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Disclaimer, etc. There are lots of tools available on the internet through which you can create these pages.

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Start Writing Content

I hope you have successfully created your blog by following the steps mentioned above. Now it’s time to write content for your blog.

You may be worried about how to write content in your blog. Let me help you to write your first post:

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  • Click on the ‘Posts’ option in your Dashboard.
  • Then click on the ‘Add New’ option.
  • Now a new page will open on your screen. Here you have to write the title and content of your posts.

start a profitable blog

After writing all the details and information of your post click on the publish button. That’s it now your post is live on your blog.

Make sure you submit your site in Google Search Console, otherwise the contents of your site will not index in google.

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FAQs Related To Start A Blog In 2021

There are some frequently asked questions on how to start a blog that can also be raised in your mind.

Q1. How to start a blog for free?

If you follow the above-mentioned steps it will costs you some dollars per month to start a blog. But if you want to start a blog for free, you can create your blog in Blogger.com, WordPress.com, etc.

Q2. Which is the best platform to start a blog?

If you are genuinely want to succeed in blogging, you should go for WordPress.

Q3. How to start a blog in India?

Just follow the steps mentioned in this post you can definitely start a blog in India and earn money online.

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Nowadays everyone is showing interest to do something in the online world. So competition is increasing day by day.

As a result, if you want to make your blog successful you have to invest quality time, money, and hard work to become successful in blogging in 2021.

Once you start your blog, you should not lose your dedication.

I hope this article helps you to create a blog. If you like this article please share it with your friends.

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