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If someone is new in the Blogging and web development industry then it’s really difficult now to choose the best hosting service provider between top hosting service provider sites.

If we are comparing one beginner and one experienced hosting service provider then usually Experience takes over Startups but it’s difficult to judge between equal level, highly experienced, and reputed hosting service providers.

Today we are going to make the comparison between Hostinger vs NameCheap Hosting service providers.

Both companies are in the market for a longer period with similar kinds of services. Hostinger and NameCheap both are reliable hosting service providers with the cheapest hosting plans.

At the end of the comparison, you are definitely confident about choosing the best hosting service provider among Hostinger vs NameCheap.

Hostinger Pricing

Shared Hosting Plan from Hostinger starts from $0.99 per month. Which is the cheapest one from any shared hosting service provider.

WordPress Hosting Plans from Hostinger start from $1.99 per month.

Hostinger VPS plans start from $3.95 per month and go on increasing according to specifications.

Hostinger has one plus point in having cloud hosting which uses multiple servers to manage the load on servers as well to provide the best quality uptime.

There are 3 different cloud hosting plans starting from $9.99 per month. You will have maximum scalability and maximum speedy access in the cloud hosting plan from Hostinger.

NameCheap Pricing

Shared hosting plans from NameCheap start at a pricing of $2.02 per month

WordPress hosting plans from NameCheap start at $2.65 per month which is comparatively higher than Hostinger plans.

hostinger vs namecheap

NameCheap is costly like previous options in VPS plans as it starts from $12.66 per month.

Dedicated hosting is an alternative best option for cloud hosting provided by NameCheap which takes advantage over the Hostinger Cloud Hosting plan. This dedicated hosting is mostly useful to all those sites which have to serve a large amount of traffic at a time.

Hostinger and NameCheap Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services are provided by both Hostinger and NameCheap with 3 different kinds of plans according to the user’s requirements. Shared hosting works on the basis of sharing a server with other sites like your site.

Similar to shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting plans are getting more popular nowadays.

WordPress is the topmost CMS platform in today’s era which provides the option to create the best site without any knowledge of coding. Both companies have 3 plans of WordPress-managed hosting. 

VPS Hosting service is available and useful for minimum-sized businesses that want to use all server resources according to their own. Hostinger provides 6 VPS Plans while NameCheap provides 3 VPS hosting plans.

14 Features Compared – Hostinger vs NameCheap

Here we have compared all the essential features of both the hosting provides. At the end of each comparison, you will find the winner of that particular feature.

So, let’s start the comparison between the two…

1) Ease of Use: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger provides a control panel known as hPanel with a much more attractive interface. Those who already used cPanel can easily use hPanel also. 

Namecheap comes with the usual cPanel as a control panel which is easier to use. You can get more information about cPanel on the internet easily.

Winner: Your choice Matters here, so no Judgement!

2) Uptime: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Google Reports also suggest improving your uptime as it affects your site’s SEO ranking and popularity. Before buying any hosting service you must check its previous quarters’ uptime reports.

I have been using Hostinger for the last 2 years and they are not down yet for a longer period. Hostinger claims that they provide up to 99.04% uptime. 

Hostinger Uptime

One of the best policies from Hostinger is they provide an extra day added to your hosting plan if your site stays down for more than their threshold time of downtime.

If you talk about Namecheap then they provide a 100% uptime guarantee which is amazing. They overcome Hostinger on this point but if you want to rank your site in Asia Continent then you will not be satisfied with the NameCheap hosting service.

NameCheap Uptime

They have 100% uptime in the US and UK as they have servers located there but face longer downtime in the Asia region because of the lack of Servers in Asia.

Winner: Hostinger is definitely the winner as they have Continuous Services.

3) Loading Speed: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Loading speed is an important aspect in SEO ranking as per new Google Algorithm reports. Your site’s performance is also important to attract and bind visitors to your site. Your site must load fastly for all clients as well as for a large number of clients at the same time. 

I am surely satisfied with Hostinger in this factor as they provide more than price. Hostinger has an almost 339ms loading time which is much better than any costly premium web hosting service provider. 

Hostinger’s performance in the last 7 days

Namecheap remains at an average stage with 417ms loading speed. But they take more money than Hostinger for the same plans, so they should provide much better loading speed as per my opinions.

Winner: Definitely Hostinger without any doubt

4) Extra Cost and Upsells: Hostinger vs Namecheap

In most cases, you will get extra unessential tools with your hosting services, and this technique is known as upselling. Lots of hosting providers sell extra addons at checkout of your hosting purchase. 

Hostinger doesn’t add any extra unwanted add-ons at checkout but they always provide 48 months of hosting whenever you add their plan to your cart. 

Namecheap adds some extra add-ons at checkout but mostly they are unticked but they suggest you tick and purchase with your plan forcefully.

Winner: Hostinger’s Checkout Is less frustrating than Namecheap’s as it has little Upselling than Namecheap!

5) Server Locations: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger has 7 data centers across the world. More number of data centers means you will get a higher loading speed in any region of the world. Hosting has data centers across the UK, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania

As we already discussed in earlier points Namecheap lacks in Server Locations. Namecheap has only 3 data centers located in the US, UK, and EU. So it’s difficult to get better uptime in Asia, Australia continents.

Winner: Hostinger has an advantage with more data centers.

6) Bandwidth: Hostinger vs Namecheap

All plans from Hostinger as well as NameCheap provide unmetered bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about Bandwidth for data transmission from your site to visitors’ end.

Winner: Both

7) Domain Registration: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Both Hostinger and Namecheap provide domain registration services with high-end Domain security services. You can purchase any TLD from both hosting service providers.

Hostinger provides a free domain registration service with their premium and business plans but they don’t provide that free service with basic plans.

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In comparison with hostinger, Namecheap provides Free Domain names with all plans provided from their side.

Winner: Namecheap is the Winner as they provide a Free TLD registration service with all plans.

8) Website Builder: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Building a website is not that much harder as all CMS service providers come into the market. But for beginners, it’s a huge task to perform.

Hostinger provides a free website builder tool with all hosting services while Namecheap doesn’t have such a service.

Hostinger’s website builder tool supports a drag and drop interface which can be easily understood by any beginner also.

Winner: Hostinger

9) Money-Back Guarantee: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Regarding money-back guarantee terms and conditions, you have to check on their official sites. But usually, they provide a 30 days money-back guarantee with all their annual plans.

You can claim your total money back if you don’t like these services but you have to answer some of these questions before getting your money back!

Winner: Both have the same service.

10) Website Migration: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Whenever you want to migrate your site from one hosting provider to another then it’s a really hectic task but some hosting service providers make your task easier by giving you a free Website Migration Service. This task takes much more time if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

By just opening a ticket Hostinger’s customer representative will do your site migration by providing some details. Your site will not be down during the transfer process so it’s really great for those who are worried about downtime.

Namecheap also provides a similar option for migration so you have to put in a request and your request will be completed within 24 hours from Namecheap’s side. You will not face any issues regarding Migration from the Namecheap side also.

Winner: Both Hostinger and NameCheap are at equal levels.

11) Free SSL and Free CDN: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Free SSL is provided with all plans from Hostinger and Namecheap also. Hostinger’s Business plan has Free CDN support while the first two plans don’t have a Free CDN option. 

Namecheap’s all three plans normal, Plus and Business have a Free CDN option.

Winner: NameCheap

12) Backups: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger provides two types of backup systems. One is Weekly backup and another one is the daily backup. Both are automatic backup systems but Daily Basis backup is provided only with a Business Plan from Hostinger. 

Namecheap provides an automatic Daily backup service with the plus plan and Business Plan. You will get a weekly backup with a normal plan from Namecheap. In the Business plan from Namecheap, users will get a Cloud storage option for backup.

Winner: NameCheap

13) Security: Hostinger vs Namecheap

Hostinger has a DDoS attack protection service that prevents your site’s from such attacks. Their scanners regularly scan your sites for malware and virus security. Hostinger’s technical team helps users to eliminate any threat they get on your site.

NameCheap provides an encrypted data transmission service. They have domain privacy protection services with domains registered from their service.

Winner: Both hosting service providers literally care with their 100% regarding security.

14) Customer Support Service: Hostinger vs Namecheap

There is nothing to compare between hostinger and Namecheap as both hosting service providers are excellent in Customer Support systems. They provide 365 days of support with 24/7 working customer care executives.

Winner: Both win equal amounts at Customer Care Service!

Pros of Hostinger Hosting

Cheaper Shared Hosting Plans
Best performance in Provided pricing range
Specially optimized WordPress Hosting Plans
Free Domain with Premium as well as business Plans
Unlimited Free Emails with Premium and Business plans.
Backup Service on a daily as well as weekly basis
Free CDN
Unlimited FTP accounts
Up to 100 subdomains
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Care Support

Pros of NameCheap Hosting

SSD Powered web hosting services
Free to migrate Websites
Best performance with optimized impressive speed
Uptime Guarantee
Unlimited Bandwidth
One-Click Installation for all CMS like WordPress
Unlimited email accounts with some plans free of cost.
Automatic Backup Option#Label
Domain Privacy With State of the art security measures.

FAQs on Hostinger vs NameCheap

Here are some frequently asked questions on the topic we have collected and tried to answer them in brief.

Q. Which is the best alternative of Namecheap hosting?

Hostinger is the best and affordable alternative to Namecheap. It provides excellent features and support at the cheapest price.

Q. How many Data Centers / Servers NameCheap have?

Namecheap has 3 Datacenters located in the US, UK, and EU all over the world.

Q. Is Hostinger Good For India?

Hostinger has a Datacenter located in Asia so you will get better performance in India also. Hostinger provides the best services as compared to other hosting providers in the Indian Market at such lower pricing.


Almost Hostinger and NameCheap have the same kind of features but price matters much more than features also. 

Hostinger has some advantages over Namecheap. So it’s better to go with Hostinger rather than going with Namecheap. You can get Hostinger Plans at a cheaper cost than Namecheap. Almost all beginner businesses and mid-level sites can go with Hostinger for better performance.

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