Flyout Review 2022: Monetize Your Blog Through Sponsored Posts

Are you looking for Flyout Review?

Then you are in the right place. Through this article, I will share everything you need to know about Flyout.

A sponsored post is an alternative way rather than Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. But it’s really difficult to get sponsored posts from companies or products.

How to connect with sponsors? It’s really the biggest question in front of all bloggers. 

Don’t worry, here we are introducing the best site to generate extra income through sponsored posts on a single platform. You don’t have to approach sponsors, sponsors will approach you if you have listed your blog on this platform. 

Without making more suspense, it’s Let’s take a look at each and every point about Flyout.

An Overview Of Flyout is an online platform providing opportunities for bloggers to earn extra money by just putting the sponsored posts on your blog.

Lots of new companies and businesses are starting each day all over the world. Daily thousands of people start their blogs worldwide.

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Everyone wants quality backlinks and referral traffic to grow their business or blog.

Finding and collaborating with bloggers and companies is really hard but flyout provides you an opportunity to collaborate with worldwide users who want to place their site backlinks on your blogs.

In the simplest way, sponsors choose your blog if they love it. You have to write a sponsored post for the sponsor and just have to post it on your blog. That’s it, Flyout pays you for each post that you publish for that sponsor.

How to start the journey with Flyout?

Starting with flyout is an easy process but you have to qualify in their eligibility criteria to start earning. Here are some easy steps to sign up and start with

  • Check Eligibility
  • Confirm Ownership
  • Blog Description
  • Create an account

Step 1: Visit Website

Click on this link to visit the official website of Now click on the “Sign Up” Button shown on the homepage.

Step 2: Validate Eligibility Criteria


Flyout review
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You have to enter your website’s URL and follow the Proceed Button. To maintain the quality of blogs that are mentioned on the flyout, the flyout team manually checks and reviews your site.

Flyout has its selection criteria, we will discuss it ahead in review.

Step 3: Ownership Verification

In the next step, you have to verify ownership of your blog. Click on the Verification section to proceed. Here you will get 3 different options to verify ownership. 

Flyout review
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HTML meta tag here you have to copy the meta tag and paste it under the meta tag of your blog.

DNS Record you can update and confirm your DNS record to verify ownership through this option.

HTML File Upload It’s one more option to verify ownership by uploading an HTML file.

Step 4: Blog Details

You have to choose the category of your blog. Here flyout asks you for your Contact Number and your charges for a single sponsored post. The pricing is for each post and value in dollars.

Tip: You can change the Category and per post dollars any time after the approval from the Flyout.

Click next to proceed to the final step.

Step 5: Create an account

Here you will get two options to sign up with Facebook or Google. You have to fill in some easy details and your account opening process is finally here.

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On the provided mail id, you will get detailed mail from the flyout. 

After completion of the basic registration process, you can proceed to the dashboard and can check the earnings and other things. In the blogs tab, you have to verify google analytics with the flyout team to give access to them to track your site’s data.

Eligibility Requirements For Flyout

The flyout team checks each and every blog and gives approval to those who have fulfilled their eligibility requirements only.

  • To join the flyout, your blog must be at least 6 months old. If your blog satisfies it then you have passed around 1.
  • Your blog must have at least 50 to 100 high-quality articles with good traffic.
  • Organic traffic in the last 30 days must be above 10000. (Google Analytics gives access to check it)
  • All important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc must be in your blog.
  • The UI and UX of your blog (overall interface) should be good and don’t have multiple redirect issues.
  • Already blogs shouldn’t have more than 20% sponsored posts, links, or content.

Flyout Don’t give approval to the following Niches:

Flyout restricted some niches which can’t become a part of the Flyout Program. This is only due to keeping quality blogs for valuable sponsors.

  • Micro niche
  • Download Sites like Apk, Music, etc download
  • Gambling or rummy or casino
  • Offers and Coupons Site
  • Results/jobs sites
  • Adult
  • Event blogs
  • Quotes/ Lyrics / Shayari
  • Status site
  • Tools website
  • Biography sites
  • Guns or arms website
  • Auto blogging
  • Dating
  • Portfolio

Rather than these 15 niches, sites based on blogger are not applicable to apply for the flyout program. But If you have an Amazon affiliate blog based on with a custom domain then you can apply. 

More Informations About Flyout

Which languages blog does Flyout support?

In the starting days Flyout started with just English blogs but as time goes Flyout connects with Hindi blogs also.

How to check Offers in the Flyout dashboard?

You will get an Update about approval in the next 48 hours. Flyout teams check your blog manually so it takes longer in rush hours.

After the approval, your blog will be shown to advertisers and advertisers can approach you. If you will get some offers for the sponsored posts then you will be notified through emails also.

You will get a New offers option below the Dashboard tab in the left sidebar.

You will get the article title, your blog name, price, article preview and active or reject option for that sponsored post. Option of time remaining to accept or reject that article.

How to publish articles?

In the New offers section, you will get a preview column. Under the preview tab, you will get the view article option. Just click on it and you will be able to see the article in the browser window.

If you are satisfied with the article then just click on the Accept offer option. Post the article to your blog and copy and paste the link to the live article section.

If you don’t want to accept the article then just click on the Reject Offer section, which usually no one does.

There is 3 Days’ time to approve and publish an article. If you don’t do it in time then your offer will be canceled automatically and you can not avail of it again. Referral Program

While waiting for the sponsored post you can earn extra income from referral. Every new user also can join the affiliate referral program from Flyout. You can refer to users and can get $15 for each approved user.

Flyout Minimum Payment and Payout Date pays the payment to all approved users from the 15th to the 20th of every month. Flyout has a NET45 payment method, meaning your payment will be released after 45 days of the month-end.

If you have completed the 100$ threshold in January End then your payment will be released on 15th to 20th March.

Flyout Payment Methods

For Indian Publishers, Flyout provides payment via Direct Bank Transfer. Publishers outside of India will get payments via PayPal.

Some FAQs On Flyout Review

Q. What is is the platform to earn extra money from publishing sponsored posts to your blogs.

Q. Why am I not getting any orders from Flyout?

In the global economic crisis, some advertisers stopped advertising. But still Flyout working with active advertisers to provide orders, Here are some reasons to not get orders.

Your content may not be relevant for advertisers that advertise with Flyout.

Your price may be out of budget for advertisers.

Advertisers can track your traffic and your traffic may not be sufficient for the advertising.

Q. Does flyout support Blogger-based Websites?

No, Flyout claims that they support only WordPress-based sites but some users have the experience that they got approval on quality blogs with huge traffic based on bloggers also.

Q. Which are the eligibility criteria for

To get approval from flyout, your blog must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Blog age must be above 6 months.
  • At least 100 quality blog posts.
  • Organic traffic of 10000 in the last 30 days.
  • Good UI and UX.
  • All required pages must be there.

Q. What is the minimum payout threshold from

The minimum payout threshold from is $100.


The final verdicts are, Flyout can provide extra earning sources. Getting low CPC from Google Adsense is the major issue for all bloggers.

You can go with Flyout to earn extra income from the same blog attached with Google Adsense. The sponsor can drive traffic to your site also that’s why your blog can become popular also.

Getting approval from Flyout is a little bit difficult for beginner publishers but after approval, earning 100$ in a month is easier than earning 100$ in AdSense and affiliate accounts.

I hope this Flyout Review is really helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding Flyout then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.


  1. Hi Atanu,
    I’ve never heard of this one, it reminds me of Valued Voice a bit. But Fly Out seems to have a lot of requirements, like only 20% of your posts not sponsored and you have to go through hoops to set it up.
    What is the fee they pay for sponsored posts or rather the average I should ask?
    Thanks for sharing about this one, it does sound like an interesting option!

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Flyout allows you to enter the amount of how much you want to charge for a sponsored posts on your blog. But for new blogs, they analyze and fix the amount as $15.

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