The Cheapest Way To Start A Blog (Ultimate Guide For 2022)

Looking for the cheapest way to start a blog in 2022? Don’t worry, I have prepared a detailed guide for you.

Blogging is one of the most famous and trendiest career options, but many people do not try this because of a lack of information.

There are many misconceptions about blogging on the internet due to which many people never try to jump into this field.

And one of those misconceptions is regarding the cost to start a blog, there is no doubt that anyone can start a blog at a low cost and even for free. But in this article, we will discuss only the cheapest way to start a blog.

Can I start a blog in low Cost?

Many people on the internet have spread many lies regarding blogging, they have made everything look so complicated that many people who were interested in blogging never start because of such complications.

But it’s not rocket science to start a blog and it does not cost much to start a blog, you can easily start your blog for just $30-$40. There are some things that you have to keep in mind while starting your blog.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the cheapest way to start a blog, but before that, there are some things that you should know before starting a blog.

What is a blog and who can start it?

A blog is a website that is own by any individual or a group of people where they write about their interests with the aim to provide some knowledge from their experience. Anyone who loves to write and wants to share their knowledge with other people can start a blog.

There are no proper parameters by which one can be judged in order to get qualified for starting a blog, all it requires is some writing skills (that improve with time), and dedication with consistency.

Why will anyone read my blog?

The most common doubt that people have before starting a blog is why will anyone read my blog And that’s actually right, why will someone take time from their busy schedule and read your blog.

So, if you want people to read your blog then it is important to add some value to their life with your blog because no one wants to read something that will not benefit them. Always remember if there are people who love to write then there are people who love to read, so always focus on writing some things that will add value to someone’s life.

What is the Cheapest Way to Start a Blog?

Now let us discuss some of the cheapest ways to start a blog.

The cheapest way to start a blog from scratch revolves around only 8 points that you need to understand.

If you are about to start a blog then it might be possible that you must be confused about the domain name and extension for your blog. And if not then you should decide one and then we have to look whether that name is even available on the internet or not.

cheapest way to start a blog
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If you want to start a blog in cheap price, make sure to follow all the 8 points mentioned here:

#1. Find a branded Domain Name for your blog

A domain name is a particular website address or Internet Protocol (IP) address for your blog. Your domain name and IP address are mapped to your blog, which is also known as the domain name. Like for, the domain is Google and the suffix or extension is .com.

The significance of choosing a domain name for your blog is crucial because it serves as an identifier for your online presence, Before choosing a blog name, always go for such names which are easy to remember and quick to write. 

However, stay away from subjects containing letters, numbers, or hyphens. It is especially important to avoid such a character as it will be easier to type into a web browser.

#2. Select a top level Domain Extension

The price of the domain depends on the domain extensions, if you have a .com as your domain extension then it will cost a little more than other extensions. 

I wholeheartedly propose you use .com or .net as your URL. A domain such as .com is hard to find, as most top-level names have already been purchased by other companies. 

In this instance, you can choose either .org or .co. Some people have referred to the .co domain as the “sister” of the .com but if you looking for some specific country target audience then go for .us .in .uk etc.

There are lots of online tools available like LeanDomainSearch which you can use to find a domain name. After finalizing your domain name pick a top-level domain extension. Do not invest much time in searching for domain names, the only thing that matters is to provide high-quality content.

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I will recommend you try to pick a domain name that revolves around your main keyword. All you need to do is provide quality content around your keyword and you’re done. It is only with this method that your blog will have a distinct identity.

#3. Where to buy a Domain Name in cheap price?

So, now if you have selected a name for your domain then it’s time to check whether that domain is even available or not and if yes then what it gonna cost to buy that domain. As the price of a domain depends on the suffix (.com, .in,.org or .co.) 

If the .com extension is available for your domain then you should search on a different domain provider’s site and look for the one that will charge the least. Although the price may differ for the first year, it gets the same after the first or second year. 

It is also important for you to choose a good domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, HostGator, etc. 

But remember always on things that your website visitors only show interest on Your site when you provide something relevant to their interests. All you need to do is provide quality content around your keyword and you’re done. It is only with this method that your blog will have a distinct identity. However, you should opt with either .com or .co for branding.

#4. What is Web hosting and its importance 

After selecting a domain provider for your site, it is time to get hosting for your site. Web hosting is really very important for your site, it helps to host your blog on a server and hosting services for server space.

So it is always important to select a good web hosting as it will manage all your storage and will store all your data. One might need to upgrade their hosting service with time if they get some good traffic on their site.

Something to bear in mind when thinking about setting up a blog is that WordPress is the most ideal blogging platform for the vast majority of people. Although many people select bloggers to start with, we do not suggest you start on any free platform if you want to make your blog a great success.

#5.How to select good Hosting Providers

Now there are some parameters on which you can select a hosting provider for your site. The first thing always selects a brand that is well established. There are so many fraudsters in the market that will just take your hard-earned money and will never provide you a good service. So always select a good service provider. 

We have also searched for many hosting service providers and we came up with some famous cheap hosting providers like Hostinger and NameCheap. These are the companies which can provide you the service at a cheap price but still, we suggest you do your own research. 

The second important thing is checking whether you will get good customer support from your hosting provider or not. It is important to get good customer support as it will help to maintain many things on the site, there are many things working at the backend and one wrong step can erase all our data. So always select a service that has a good support team for their customers.  

#6.Best Cheap Hosting Providers

Here are some hosting providers that you can choose to create your blog at the cheapest price:

NameCheap Hosting

Namecheap is an ICANN- certified domain name registrar or Hosting Provider, which gives area name enrollment and web facilitating, situated in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Namecheap is a financial plan facilitating supplier with 11 million enlisted clients and 10 million spaces. Namecheap started in 2000 with a mission to convey the best areas at the best costs with the best assistance.

From that point forward they have added facilitating, security, overseen WordPress, and an entire scope of developments to our foundation. The online plans, thoughts, and aspirations of individuals actually like you have developed as well. We have essentially developed to bring you all you require.

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If you talk about the hosting price, you can purchase  Namecheap starter plan of $18.44/ yr where you can host up to 3 Websites along with free CDN, It would be good if you have a really low budget.

But I truly recommend Stellar Plus plans because they cost around $31.84/ yr with unlimited websites and Auto-backup So if you want to start a blog on a low budget then NameCheap hosting is the best choice.

Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger International, Ltd is a representative possessed Web facilitating supplier and Internet area registrar. Established in 2004, Hostinger presently has more than 29 million clients, by and large with its auxiliaries in 178 nations.

Hostinger is the parent organization of 000Webhost, Niagahoster and Weblink. Hostinger announced an association with Google Cloud Platform and its new Cloud Global facilitating plan.

The organization will get progress the organization’s foundation, especially to cloud facilitating bundles. The Web facilitating specialist organization Hostinger’s new and overhauled cloud facilitating plan will give every one of the administrations and highlights gave by the organization’s current cloud facilitating plans.

The organization likewise expressed that all essential perspectives like a devoted IP address, free area, and SSL and limitless data transmission will be incorporated with each cloud plan they offer.

Hostinger Single Web Hosting plan started with ₹79 /mo around $1 you can host 1 Website with 30 GB SSD Storage, Free SSL your website can handle 10000 Visits Monthly.

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But in Hostinger I truly recommended Premium Web Hosting because it is a Perfect package for personal websites you can host 100 Websites with 100 GB SSD Storage you also get Free Email and SSL or Weekly Backups in just ₹ 3000/year around 40$. If you buy Hostinger hosting plan you will also get a free domain name.

HostArmada Hosting

When it comes to hosting then you want someone you can rely on. The hosting company that offers inexpensive, competitive rates and reliable service is the best one for everyone. HostArmada is one of the best and most respected, reliable, and cheap hosting service provider companies. They have the best performance on Google page inside as well as provide a free domain with free SSL and essential tools for website optimization. 

HostArmada provides Fast, Reliable, and Secure Cloud SSD hosting that is most suitable for WordPress websites. HostArmada offered some basic services with all plans as free C panel, free SSL for all Sites (Other hosting provides SSL for a single site only), Litespeed Webserver cache, Daily Backup On Cloud SSD Storage, and all-time support. 

HostArmada Hosting Plans –

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HostArmada provides a 70% Discount on all plans at first-time purchase. We are introducing you to the best shared hosting plans from HostArmada. There are three plans from HostArmada –

1.Start Dock –

Price: 3.99$ per month

Best plan to start your online journey.

2. Web Warp –

Price: 4.69$ per month

Best plan for blogs as they have large traffic.

3. Speed Reaper –

Price: 5.66$ per month

It’s the best plan for those who want to increase the speed of their websites.

Rather than this Shared hosting, HostArmada also has VPS Hosting starting at 41.21$ per month and Dedicated hosting at 149$ per month pricing. 

Why choose HostArmada Hosting?

  • HostArmada manages to add a low number of clients to each server and that’s why we can get fast loading speed as well as an uptime guarantee.
  • They have managed server load.
  • Latest Cloud SSD technology is used by Hostarmada.
  • With a free domain, they have the option of Free SSL to multiple sites.
  • Server-based in India and Singapore so best performance in Asian countries also.
  • 45 Days money-back guarantee if you don’t like HostArmada hosting.
  • No cancellation fees at the time of cancellation of hosting.
  • HostArmada has a technically trained support team that is available 24/7/365.

If you can invest few more dollar for a high quality hosting plan then I highly recommend you to go for Bluehost or GreenGeeks.

#7.Install WordPress For Your Blog

So, now when you have selected your domain and web hosting for your blog, now it is time to install WordPress on your site and get started. But before publishing your first blog you should select a good theme that looks attractive and is user-friendly. 

One would suppose that since there are so many free WordPress themes, why would one buy a theme? Premium WordPress blog themes are chosen to save time. A freemium theme is a bit more complex even if it’s not that difficult to master.

There is no point in learning anything that has no worth in the future. Additionally, you download a free theme and study everything about it, including the terms of service, when you’ve made some money.

Then, you purchase a premium theme. That is a weird job because you are learning from the start on a new theme. It’s best to buy today because that way you can spend your time on other pursuits.

#8.Best WordPress theme For your blog

Using a professional WordPress theme, you may explore the numerous features and options and use them to help you save time.

GeneratePress Theme

I personally like the blog theme, GeneratePress, for blogs about any niche. It can be used as a multi-purpose WordPress theme and it is super lightweight. It’s extremely quick and simple to modify for $59, and it’s worth the price.

In the initial days you can also use the free version of GeneratePress, and once you think you can invest in a good theme then you should go for the premium version.

I am also using GeneratePress Premium on this website and I am pretty much happy with its features. Currently, GeneratePress has more than 80,000 happy customers. It allows you to create anything, whether you start a blog or online portfolio.

Astra Theme

Astra is a fully customizable, simple, and every page builder-friendly theme with faster loading response time. But everyone has a question: is it worth investing in Astra Theme?

Why is the Astra theme popular?

Lightweight – Some Themes slow down after your site gets large content but Astra has an initial loading speed of less than half a second. It’s incredibly lightweight enough to give you the best response time.

Customizable – Every high-speed loading theme has fewer customization features to maintain speed but Astra doesn’t have any restriction on customization. It’s a fully customizable theme with every page builder support.

Website in Hour – There are Prefabricated temples of Astra Sites from their paid version. So you can take them and just edit them according to your requirements.

Important Features of Astra Theme-

  • Customize without Coding – Use a page builder with drag and drop features to Customize.
  • Numerous Customization Options – having the control to change anything.
  • Section Design – You have options to design each and every section separately.
  • Woo-Commerce Ready – Have full support to build blog sites as well as woocommerce sites.
  • Support – Customer support is literally great and doesn’t take more time.

Without any doubt, we can definitely say that you can buy Astra theme and it’s worth it to buy. Their free version is also good to use and has lots of beginner-required features. So you can try it also.

Alternatively, you may choose to design your website using one of the top themes, such as Avada, Genesis, Bethememe, and others. As you can see, you can select a different theme instead of following my suggestions from StudioPress or Themeforest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cheapest way to start a blog in 2022?

Well, all the information you need to know to start a blog at a cheap price is maintained in detail. Just go through the steps, I am sure all your queries will be solved.

Q. Which is the best platform to start blogging?

If you want to start a professional blog then I highly recommend you to go for a self-hosted WordPress blog. Don’t go for free platforms like,, as the resources are limited here.

Q. How much it will cost to start a blog?

This amount totally depends on you that is how much you can invest. But if you minimum of $30, you can easily start a WordPress blog.


Starting a blog is a great discussion and if you are about to start one then you should obviously start without any further delay. Free will not be the cheapest approach to establish a blog if your blogging objective is to earn money.

Even though you will need to purchase at least three of these items, it doesn’t have to be costly by following this cheapest way to start a blog method you can easily launch or set-up your website.

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