How To Find Catchy Names For Websites [Detailed Guide]

Nowadays in this competitive era, it is very very important to choose a catchy and easily rememberable domain name. Because it helps in branding to some extent.

This post will take you through the important tips for choosing catchy names for websites.

When you need to create a website, there are two important things primarily to be considered:

These two things act like your online property and address where google search will land the people when they find a solution online or buy something.

Why You Should Choose Catchy Names For Your Websites?

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When it comes to choosing your domain name, the sky is the limit.

There are thousands of, millions of names you can select from and a newly updating selection of domain name extensions to choose from in order to become your new online address.

Finding a catchy website name can feel like a challenging task.

But it’s absolutely necessary to put time and effort into naming your website. That’s how customers will recognize and revisit you and if the domain is too difficult to recall, you’re missing out on lots of free word-of-mouth marketing benefits.

But no need to be worried about this either.

Choosing a Catchy Domain Name though important isn’t that difficult to do. But it does require some time and thought at your end.

Before you just jump in and buy your first website name that suits your idea, here are some things to consider to make sure you’re picking from the best of all.

Here is the solution for this task:

You can generate cool and unique website names using two methods one by adding modifiers (prefix and suffix) to your actual name of a website category; the other is by using domain name generator tools.

Follow the methods given below.

Use A Domain Name Modifier

Use the below formula to decide your website domain name. Keep in mind that in 2021 you will barely find any pure domain name (1st formula) as in the list, so keep a hand full of web name ideas before registering it with the domain name registrar.

In the below formula, [Keyword] is the Key name / Central name you thought of for a website:

e.g, If your keyword is ==> [ vector ] + Academy

Then your domain can become ==> or

You can use any domain name extension: [ .com/ .org/ .info/ .us/ .uk/ .jp/ .online/ .shop/ .io/ .net/ .co/ etc]

  • Format for educational institute domains:
  • [Keyword]
  •  [Keyword]+ Tutor/s
  •  [Keyword]+ Coaching
  •  [Keyword]+ LearningPoint
  •  Tutoring + [Keyword]
  • [Keyword]+ LearningSociety
  • The + [Keyword] + Centre
  • The + [Keyword] + Tutors
  • Its+ [Keyword] + Academy
  • [Keyword 1]+ [Keyword 2]
  • Location + [Keyword]
  • [Keyword]+ Learning + Hub and so on.
  • Format for tech company domain:
  • [Keyword]
  • [Keyword]+ tech
  • [Keyword]+ technology
  • [Keyword]+ techPoint
  • Techno+ [Keyword]
  • [Keyword]+ technical
  • The + [Keyword] + tech
  • The + [Keyword] + Tutors
  • Its+ [Keyword] + hightech
  • [Keyword 1]+ [Keyword 2]
  • Techy + [Keyword]
  • [Keyword]+ tech+ Hub and so on

In the below formula [Keyword] is the Key name / Central name you thought of for a website:

Eg. If your keyword is ==> [ tony ] + techpoint

Then your domain can become ==> or

You can use any domain name extension: [ .tech/ .io/ .com/ .online/ .net/ .co/ etc]

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Thus the Format for other companies/ industries like food, travel, art, etc can be created using this method.

For making it super easy there are several online domain name suggestion tools with the help of which your journey to finding a good domain name can come to a destination.

Use a Domain Name Suggestion Tool 

Today, there are many tools available online which help you to generate domain names for your business website according to your choice and the industry you belong to.

Here are the best unique website name generator tools with the best features.

We’ll start with the cool domain name generator tools that take one keyword input from you and display the available unique domain name.

Let’s start domain name hunting…

1. LeanDomainSearch

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This tool is powered by team Automattic. This is the company behind the platform, which means this tool is designed and developed by an experienced team for making new domain names and website name search easy.

This is simple to use, just enter one main keyword; generally, something that describes your industry/ niche — and then by pressing enter this domain name generator suggests tens and hundreds of cool domain name ideas.

2. Namestall

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This website is a collection of tools for all your domain name needs, here you can use a domain name generator. The most useful tools are Domain name generator, Brandable domain name generator, and Rhyming domain name generator.

Select the domain name generator from the main menu.
–> Input your main keyword
–> Fine-tune the results with all the customization options provided with it.
–>Pick location at the beginning or end,
–> Enable/disable hyphens,

Get your 100s of catchy names for websites on the screen.

3. Namemesh

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There are various domain name generators available online that require you to experiment with different settings to get the actual domain name you are searching for.

Name Mesh Is just simple as you only need to enter one seed keyword and the remaining is done by this tool itself with the very refined and relevant output.

Just type two or more keywords into the search box and this tool produces a vast variety of available domain names.

Important Things To Consider Before Finalizing A Domain

Short Tips before choosing a catchy website name that can save you from future regrets caused due to wrong domain name selection.

  • Keep it as short as possible.
  • Consider a uniquely branded name.
  • The domain name must be memorable and recallable.
  • Choose top level domain ( TDL ) extension: Give preference to .COM/ .NET/ .CO or country specific top level domain like .us .uk .in .jp etc. These TDL certainly have some reputation and trust in the mind of peoples.
  • Find a good domain Registrar: When looking for a registrar to buy domains, choose from some popular registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap.

Final Words

Thank You Everyone!!

I hope you like the post about how to find catchy names for websites.

When you decide to register your domain is solely up to you. Though according to SEOs, most of your online success does not depend on website URL, your domain name can still shape the business.

It is worthy to invest some time to really review what you really love to be called your website and business since it will be what sets you to stand unique from the million others.

Very similar to your identity associated with your personality and features causes you to stand different, an appropriate name that’s marked by brandable features and unique but usable content is what is going to assist you in the vast ocean by the search engines.


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    Using a domain name suggestion tool and domain name modifier are dam good ideas and will helps a lot. I really like & appreciate the way you have introduced each domain name generator tools including their key features and every necessary details that are really providing a good & deep understanding. Lean-Domain-Search, Name-mesh & Namestall are good tools to use for generating a unique domain names. Your included things to consider before finalizing a domain are so important and must be considered. I completely agree with your each listed points and i also liked your idea of giving preference to .COM, .CO, .NET and country specific top level domains.

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