Bluehost SEO Tools Start Review (2022) – Is This Addon Necessary?

The starting steps of any blog or website are choosing the right hosting plan. Bluehost is the most reputed name in this sector with serving more than 2 million sites all over the world.

The next step comes with growing your business or website blog, that is SEO! In beginning and in intermediate levels we always required a perfect guide in this SEO Factor.

Bluehost provides some tools that are total do-it-yourself SEO setup tools that decrease your work in SEO.

But the question always arises: Bluehost SEO tools really worth it? Bluehost SEO tools worth buying in their pricing? 

You will definitely get answers to these questions after reading this article.

Quick Overview of Bluehost SEO Tools Start

Bluehost is among the best web hosting service providers with the genuine trust of so many people.

They got more popular since WordPress also recommended Bluehost for hosting services.

Bluehost SEO tools
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When you go to checkout of any Bluehost plan then at checkout you will get the option to add on Bluehost SEO Tools Start. These SEO Tools are not free of cost we have to pay for it.

SEO is the most useful for ranking nowadays and that’s why we have to focus on it for any online business or Blogging Career also.

Now you are thinking about What do Bluehost’s SEO tools include?

Let’s take a deep look at this!

Bluehost SEO Tools Start Review

If you want to rank your site on Google without being an SEO Expert then Bluehost SEO Tools may be helpful for you.

There are so many pillars of SEO and Bluehost SEO Tools focuses on the best pillars among them.

Bluehost SEO tools
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These tools help in google ranking which helps you to generate organic traffic by converting visitors to customers or regular readers of your site. 

Some Features Of Bluehost SEO Tools are Listed Below:

SEO Report –

This SEO Report will provide you the SEO Score of your site. SEO score is based on so many factors that you already took action on it. You will get a Dashboard with all reports with where you did good and where you have to do improvements. 

There is an option to download the SEO Report of your site in PDF Format to improve your site by sharing it with teammates. 

Personal SEO Report also provides you the information about site indexing and the global ranking of your site and pages.

Search Engine Submission –

In the normal method, we have to submit individual sitemaps for each search engine but the Bluehost SEO tool provides you an option to submit your site in one click to Google, Yahoo, and Bing engines. 

As usual, new sites take time to rank in search engines, it may take 3 months to 12 months.

On-page Optimization –

Like other SEO Tools Yoast SEO and Rank Math, Bluehost SEO Toolkit also provides an option of on-page optimization to check how your page performs in real-time.

It provides a duplicate content checker to check contents uniqueness with the fresh content score also.

Keyword Analysis –

It’s a plus point of the Bluehost SEO Tool kit, which provides embedded keyword ranking. It always suggests keywords like other keyword research tools and also helps you to improve previous articles with already ranking keywords.

Cons of Bluehost SEO Tools

This is absolutely made for beginners who already don’t know about SEO. It’s helpful for newbies, No objection to this!

  • You can track just 10 keywords which are really low for the growth of a new website.
  • Other SEO Tools provide on-page suggestions to improve articles without publishing them, but In Bluehost SEO Tool, you have to publish the content and then have to check in the dashboard.
  • Outranking competitors we need more details about them, but this tool gets backstep in this factor.
  • The Sitemap feature is not available in this SEO Tool.
  • No integration support for Google Analytics like Analysis tools and also Woocommerce for Businesses.

Bluehost SEO Tools Start Pricing

The first-time buying price is $2.75 per month, but renewal charges are too expensive. It costs around $8.99 per month.

While buying with plans you will get the same package is $1.99 per month but this is for annual buying which costs $23.88 per year.

This means you have to pay a yearly price at once that’s why you will get these SEO Tools at $1.99 per month.

Bluehost SEO Tools Alternative

In the market, You can get lots of SEO Tools but Yoast SEO and Rank Math are real competitors of this tool.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Its Free version is also much better than Bluehost SEO Tools paid version. Yoast SEO Plugin helps you in on-page SEO. They provide the facility of on-page recommendation which is pro over Bluehost SEO Tool.

Yoast SEO provides options of keyword targeting, Keyword density checking, Word length, Keyword Placement, Meta description editing, and much more.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a competitor of Yoast SEO. It easily overcomes the features of Bluehost SEO Tools.

Rank Math has features of structured data/schema, XML sitemap, Social media description generator, Woocommerce SEO, Image SEO, Breadcrumbs, Internal Linking suggestions, and much more…

Rather than these two Google Search Consoles, Ubersuggest, All in one SEO are alternatives to Bluehost SEO Tools.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost SEO Tools Start Worth It?

No doubt, In the beginning, Bluehost SEO Tools are useful. Till you get knowledge of SEO and article writing patterns you have to use such tools.

But when you go to higher levels, you always need such sources which can provide you better and extra services for ranking your each and every article.

In price aspects, It is not worth paying for Bluehost SEO tools if you are getting better and the same service free of cost.

For Beginners, we suggest using Yoast SEO free version to get aware of ranking factors and other features. If you can afford Bluehost SEO Tools extra addon then you can! Because this tool provides better facilities in its price range.

Nothing to worry about Bluehost’s hosting service, it’s really great but no need to invest extra addons from Bluehost.

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  1. Nice observation, but Rank Math Pro being new in the market provides more value in the free version. You can just get on-page SEO, keyword analysis and basically everything a new user for SEO needs. Can you suggest why I should try Bluehost leaving Rank Math.


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