If you are looking for a detailed comparison of blog vs article, then you are in the right place.

In terms of freelance writing, there is a lot of confusion out there in the mind about blog posts and articles. Usually, Articles are written for large publications once, When someone wrote the article after that they go through an editing cycle to make sure that there aren’t any grammatical or pronunciation errors. On the other side, blogs are usually self-published or go through minimal editing.

Editing is an important step in the publishing process and the blog is constantly evolving, but it may not be like this for long. Although the Internet offers a free-for-all platform, and as things stand, the lack of scrutiny and editing is a key feature of blog writing.

Have you ever thought what is the difference between writing a blog post and writing an article? This question arises in the mind of many people especially those who want to do freelance writing or want to write a blog. So let’s understand besides style and research, what is the major difference between a blog and an article.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online website or basically, you consider it as an informational website that displays content related to a specific category. A blog is regularly updated by its owner with content that he wants which is called blog posts.

blog vs article

The latest posts are shown on the top of the blog page. A blog is used to share informational things by making a website over the internet. A blog can be based on any category. Some peoples make blogs related to technology while some make blogs related to fashion, affiliate, education, etc. You can make a blog on any topic you want. The only need is that you should be able to write content about that topic.

There are lots of platforms available where you can start a blog. It hardly takes an hour to start your own blog.

What is the structure of a Blog?

The structure of a blog had evolved with time. Earlier blogs were not very creative and stylish but now with the use of the latest technologies blogs had evolved a lot and have very good-looking structure and styling. 

Blogs have a specific structure that makes it easy to read the content inside a blog for its reader. Below is the structure of a blog.

  • Header: – To display logo and menu with links to different pages of a blog.
  • Blog Post: – The backbone of a blog that contains all the written information. Most of the content of a blog is written here. 
  • Sidebar: – To display social profiles, categories, etc. It is used to display additional elements on the sidebar of the screen to make the layout beautiful.
  • Footer: – To display important pages links and copyright text.

Characteristics of a Blog

Reverse Nature: – All blogs have a reverse nature. By the world reverse nature, I mean that the latest content of a blog is shown first. Like if a post is added in a blog then it will be displayed topmost and if another post is added later then it will be shown on the topmost replacing the one that is existing already.

Always Dynamic: – A blog is always a dynamic website that is updated regularly by its owner. A static website that is not updated regularly cannot be referred to as a blog. Some websites just have only one page called a landing page to promote a product or business. These types of websites are not called blogs. The website that shows content in form of posts and is updated regularly is referred to as a blog.

Same Structure: – Most of the blogs have the same structure. The structure that we have shown above is the most common structure for most blogs. But blogs can have different themes which allow them to have unique customization and design of web pages. Bloggers apply different themes to their blogs with customization to make them look different from other blogs.

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What is an article?

An article is a text that is written about something. Articles are written to provide information on a specific topic. Articles can have one paragraph for more than one paragraph depending on the length and the content of the article.

blog vs article

Characteristics of an Article

On a specific topic: – An article is written on a specific topic like if we write an article on topic internet then we will describe the internet, what is the internet, its history, etc.

Can be as long as you have content to write: – There is no limitation on the length of an article. The length of an article can be anything and this all depends on the content that you are writing. If you have too much content to write on a topic then your article will have a bigger word base.

Used for commercial use: – Articles are used for commercial use. Like an article for a news agency for the newspaper. Article of reviewing a product or selling a product.

Structure of an Article

An article has a very simple structure and its structure is divided into three major parts and these three parts are mentioned below have a look at them.

  • Introduction: – An engaging introduction for the reader to point out the main point of the article.
  • Content: – All the content of the topic that you are writing is going to be in the middle.
  • Conclusion: – An ending of an article with a paragraph that will discuss the conclusion of the article.
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Blog Vs Article – Key Differences

Online Presence: – A blog is a regularly updated website that is hosted on the internet and users can browse a blog by simply entering its URL in any browser. While normally an article is an offline publication that is published in newspapers and magazines.

Nowadays an article online presence can be found on The New York Times, Hindustan Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Hindu, or Bloomberg.

Length: – A blog can range from 600-2000 words depending on the writer’s wish. But an article has a standard length of 1500 – 5000 words. The articles that are going to be published in magazines and newspapers have more length of a blog post.

SEO Keyword: – SEO keywords play a very important role in a blog post. Bloggers include SEO keywords in their posts that will help in Search Engine Optimization which will make the blog posts appear on top search results of search engines.

While it is the opposite in the case of articles. No SEO keywords are needed in Article. Because articles are going to be published offline and no Search Engine Optimisation is needed. The competition concept is applicable for offline publishing.

Editable: – Blog posts are editable and can be edited anytime. A blogger can simply access the admin panel of their blog and edit the post. But you cannot edit articles that are already published.

Suppose that you published an article in a magazine and it has some problem and needs some editing then you cannot do it because it is already published. But blog posts can be edited anytime.

Media: – A blog can have images, videos, and audio which are regarded as media. This media can be added to a blog post to make the topic more clear to the reader. On the other hand, an article cannot have videos and audio as it is published on offline platforms.

Editors: – When someone wants an Article they required a professional author or a writer who will write it. But on the other hand, a blog can be simply published by its owner too.

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So, in terms of an article, they are detailed, informative, or fact-based. They are often meant to inform and also they are more formal in their construction or presentation.

But in terms of Blogs, they provide a personal, inside point of view and they are more casual and provide a great way to personally connect with website readers. And blogs are expected to be updated more frequently compared to an article.

I hope this blog vs article helps you to know everything about blog and article. Still, if you have any queries you can ask me in the comment section.

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